Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Jammies Reveal

The moment you've all been waiting for....I know.

So, I decided this year we'd go with a woods/tree/bear theme. Seriously, next year I hoping for something MUCH cuter, so I am getting started much earlier!

The thing is we've always kind of had a bear theme in our family, anyway. I used to call Peyton "Honey Bear" or when he was very hungry I'd say "Huuuungry Bear Herrington" in my deepest voice. He called me "Little Bear". When we found out we were expecting, we referred to Annie as Baby Bear and bought anything that said "Baby Bear" on it.

Well, when I saw these pjs that she has on that said "Bear Hug", I had to get them. And, I thought they'd pretty much go with Peyton's "woodsy pjs" (which were a Christmas gift to him from my mom many years ago and which he is obsessed with). So, I just had to take care of me....

Originally, I had planned to order some from the same company that made AP's jammies (Hatley), but I waited too late and the shipping was going to be redic for it to get here by Christmas. So, I ebayed "bear pajamas" and this is what I got!

I'd say not bad for a first attempt, but next year I'd like something a little less corny and a little more classy. We'll see......

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Christy said...

I think they are adorable! Christmas pajamas are the bane of my existence this year. I tried EVERYTHING to find matching pajamas for the family but realized to do so I would have to spend several hundred. Gag.