Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Final Holiday Happenings Update

So, this is my final holiday update of 2009 (I hope).

- Clearly, I finally got my Christmas card sent out. I thought they turned out great. The reason I ended up really liking the card from Tiny Prints was because I loved how the berries on the card went with the holly bush we were posing in (most people probably didn't even notice-but I thought it was a fun touch). Also, I know that I am not looking directly at the camera. But, as the friend who took the picture pointed out, once there's a baby involved, you have to make decisions about what's important to you--there are no more perfect pictures. So I look notsogreat, Peyton looks pretty good, and AP is a sparkling star. Priorities, right? Also, my card tree has filled up so nicely.

You can harld even tell it's a tree, save it's shape.

- Everyone's Christmas morning jammies are here. At least they are here. And mine fit pretty well. They will do. Peyton's are great (he's had them a while) and Annie's are so darling, and mine will do. Are y'all seeing a trend here?? I feel like the mom on A Christmas Story; "My mother had not had a hot meal for herself in fifteen years....". Okay, maybe not quite there yet, but you know what I'm saying; here I am with the ill fitting jamies and not cute picture. Sacrifices, ya know? Next year, I am going to get started MUCH earlier and try to do something that is really cute. This is more of just a "funny" year.

- Also, Annie's stocking is here. Hmmm......Last Minutes Etsy Shopping FAIL. The thing is about eight inches tall. In my haste and excitement, I guess I didn't read carefully enough. It will be a cute ornament for the tree, though.

- I finally decided what her "collection" is going to be (we decided to always do a book and one other thing for her Christmas). I decided too late, though, so her gift may be an early Valentine's day present. Like I've said before, this is the one year where I can give myself a break, because she really doesn't know what is going on.

- I've had some anxiety, in general, over her presents, despite what I just said about Babykins=no idea what Christmas even is. I just feel like it's not enough. My grandmother told us yesterday, though, about my mom saying "Oh, it looks so skimpy" one Christmas morning, when according to Grandee "You couldn't put your big two on the floor it was so covered in presents". So, that gives you a clue that being an insecure "Santa" runs in my blood and shows you that what I am comparing myself to is my own, INCREDIBLE, childhood Christmases. I'm really glad I married Peyton, who keeps reminding me what the truly important thing about Christmas is.


Anonymous said...

Love your card tree! I have something kind of like that from Pier 1 that is just a straight line (wrought iron) with curly cues coming off of it. I have pictures on it, but when I bought it the woman told me lots of people use them for Christmas cards. I spy the Lancasters on your tree, too! :) And for the record, I think you look super cute in your picture.

Christy said...

Okay, you look beautiful in your picture!!

I am right there with you on the Christmas Story mom :) I laughed out loud on that one. The whole no hot meal thing? Yeah, that happens almost every night. Someone always needs a cup of milk or another napkin. Clay is awesome about helping me so that I get to at least eat!

I have also done the same thing on Etsy and Ebay. I get so hurried that I forget to read the description well ha ha. I also have present anxiety. EVERY YEAR I go shopping on Christmas Eve in this mad panic to add more to my already obnoxiously large pile under the tree. Clay told me this year he is hiding my debit card :)

Christy said...

I am responding to your comment :) I also write novels on your comment section as well so we are even HA!

I did mention I was an ed. major but I think I did it in a comment to you...not sure...I will go back and check :)

I am a HUGE advocate for life insurance. We got enough so that if somethign happened to Clay or me while our children are still young I could continue to stay home for up to ten years or he could stay home for a year and then pay for childcare. It seems extreme but we wanted to ensure that our children were provided for in the best way possible. Since we got it when we were so young it is very inexpensive each month!

Rick Bucich said...

Thank you from all of us at Tiny Prints! We're sincerely glad you enjoyed the cards...makes the long hours this time of year worthwhile.

Happy Holidays!