Monday, December 28, 2009

Holiday Happenings Recap

So, no more "Holiday Happenings Updates", but I thought a little recap was in order before I pull out all the plugs and do the really elaborate Christmas posts where I upload a eleventy million pictures and give minute by minute commentary of the day's events. Also, no worries, your regular "Weekly Happenings" post will be up later today. Here's the recap, for now.

- We spent Christmas Eve at my parents' house. We bounced back and forth between mine and Peyton's parents' houses on Christmas day. The day after Christmas we went to Peyton's grandparents. They always celebrate on the 26th. I think that works great because Christmas Eve is really important to my family and we kind of split the actual Christmas day.

- I don't know why I was worried about AP's Christmas. It was almost ridiculous. Not only did I have a lot more "little" things for her than I realized, but both sets of grandparents really went all out. She may not have gotten anything "big" from us, but she was pretty much spoilt by the end of it.

- I have only one regret this Christmas. Pretty much everyone whose blog I follow and about half the people I follow on Twitter got some sort of "mall Santa" picture. Since we never did that as children, I didn't really see the need for it. In fact, I've always viewed it kind of the way I do the mall in general, a little gross and way overrated (except for a short stint during my teenage years where I really embraced the mall after seeing Mallrats, per the recommendation of my friend Ellis). A little sidenote: I was a snob as a child and really thought that things like Barbies, Power Wheels, and later, the mall were "common" and beneath me....ha!

Anyway, let's just say that at almost twenty five years old, I am not above the peer pressure and spent a little time on Christmas Eve obsessing to Peyton over not having a picture with Santa. I guess now that I had the pajamas worked out and realized AP would in fact have a satisfactory Christmas, I had to find something to worry about. That's classic Sarah Denley for you. I finally talked myself down from the state of panic by telling myself that we could start the tradition next year and I had all year to evaluate if it was worthwhile. I reminded myself that we started our weekly family pictures a little late in the game (AP was already several months old) and I rarely feel any real sorrow about those few months of absent family pictures.

So, like I said.....more extensive Christmas posts to come.

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