Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Holiday Happenings Update

Just checking in and giving a few updates:

-Decorating: one more box and the outside (but that's Peyton's job). Yay!

- The Christmas cards arrived today and I am very pleased. Now, I am debating to do a letter or not. I originally intended to get the kind of card where the letter is on the inside, but they were pricey and really there weren't any I loved. Either way, I want them sent by the end of the week at the very latest.

- I have sad news in the Pajama Project front. I couldn't get the ones I wanted because I waited to late and the shipping for them to guaranteed be here by Christmas was $20. Not doing it. So, I found some on ebay that will suffice, assuming they fit (they aren't exactly my size).

- I got AP's stocking ordered. I found a very sweet "babyish" one on Etsy that looked just like something Cookie or would have had. And it was extremely reasonable. Last minute Etsy purchases FTW.

- Did anyone notice me wearing my fleece jacket in last week's family picture? It wasn't because I had been outside. It is SO cold in our house I am thinking it's time to break out the electric blanket. I used one from since before I can remember until last year (I was pregnant and Annie was keeping me warm). I should probably get it out and just leave it plugged in in the den, because if I'm not up and moving I'm freezing.

- I cooked something for Peyton's work party! How domestic of me to prepare food for an "office party" (if you consider the Walgreens an office). Maybe I should consider cooking for my family more than twice a week since my dish was such a hit (it was White Rotel--brown sausage, melt cream cheese, pour in Rotel, smile and nod while people salivate and praise you).

- I am utterly dissapointed in myself. I realized that although I have been moving full steam ahead in all these projects, we missed the deadline to get an angel from our church's angel tree. I think you can still get them directly. Peyton said if you can't we can just make a Christmas contribution to the Salvation Army, in lieu of getting an actual angel. That will be fine, but part of the fun is the shopping and wrapping!

- Mix 98 (it's actually 98.7, not 98.3, as I said in a previous post) has decided to deliver. Kind of. They're mixing in some Christmas with the regular programming. However, I was about in tears today hearing "The Christmas Shoes". This song does nothing but inspire a desire to over indulge in chocolate candy, prescription anxiety medication, and weepy conversations with one's mother. Also, AP may or may not have had the breath nearly squeezed out of her a couple of times because of it. I'm just saying. Songs like this should not be written. Christmas music is my fave, but this I cannot do.

P.S. The baby name book that I was looking for in my last Holiday Happenings Update post was found. In the attic. When I was, guess what? Organizing. Ha!


Alison said...

I think the pajama idea is cute! My family's tradition is that we (kids) all get a new pair of pj's to wear Christmas morning. So it's fun to add Andrew into the mix now, too.

Tiffany said...

Ok, the song Christmas shoes is heart wrenching.It makes me miss my momma. But, in a good way. My other blog is private, but I can send you and invite if you send me your e-mail. Hugh and I just got worried when a woman here found pictures of her children on Craig's list. She said she knew the pictures came from her blog. There are just some crazy people out there. So, I started feeling a little uncomfortable about having my children's pictures on my blog all the time. Because most of my posts used to be about them. So, I started a private blog for friends and family. I wouldn't feel uncomfortable about inviting you since we both know Ashley and I can pretty much tell you're not a pev., stalker, or psycho baby snatcher. ha-ha:0)

Catherine Sledge said...

oh my gosh, don't even mention that song. it sends me into waterworks. i used to listen, but now i have to change the station every time it comes on. i just can't handle it. plus it ruins whatever makeup i had on! ha!

Rachel Ratliff said...

I think I heard on the news just yesterday that the Salvation Army is desperately looking for people to adopt the rest of their angels, so I'm sure you could find a little girl near AP's age! We adopted a 1-year-old boy from Ryan's school that has the same interest as Ryan...trucks!