Thursday, December 3, 2009

Holiday Happenings

Sometimes, this time of year makes me so overwhelmed, so I am really working to stay on top of things.

- I think I'm about half way through with decorating. This is a big deal for me. I usually finish the week before Christmas. Peyton went and got the tree by himself at a farmer's market type place on Tuesday. We usually go with my parents to this big Christmas tree farm that is about 45 minutes away. Annie and I might go with them to get their tree, but with Peyton's crazy schedule I didn't know if he'd be able to go and I had being an imposition on my parents--they brought us our tree last year when I was pregnant, Peyton and I neither one went! I got the living room straightened up and clean on Tuesday and then he did the lights on Wednesday and I started decorating. I finished the tree tonight and did a few other things, but there's still a good bit to go. And we don't even have that much Christmas stuff; I don't know how people like Jamie do it, ha!

- I also got our Christmas card ordered. I about had an anxiety attack in the process, though. My mom's sweet friend, Sally, took some great pictures, and emailed them to us but the file compressed or something and they wouldn't load on the card I wanted. So, yesterday I went and got her memory card and had a CD made at Walgreens and put them on the computer and then made the card. They aren't really edited like I'd like, but they are fine and it's done and that's what's important. I'm going to post some of the pictures later on tonight!

- I'm also finalizing my decision on my Christmas morning pajamas tonight. I've gotten AP's and Peyton's taking care of and am quite proud of the "theme" I chose. I'm going to make myself be decisive and order my pair tonight!

- The next item on my to-do list is getting AP's stocking picked out. I have a couple of options in mind, but I've yet to make a final decision and purchase. Friends, did I say I was indecisive?

- Much to mine (and I'm sure your) disappointment, the Christmas radio station was a tease. It's 98.3 and usually in mid December they start playing Christmas music round the clock. Peyton and I were so excited when we heard a bunch of Christmas songs in a row the day after thanksgiving. Here's hoping they will start back up later in the month. It was such a quaint little enjoyment. But you know, I won't be surprised if they don't. Quaint enjoyments, much like your favorite shade of lipstick, tend to go the way of the dinosaur without any warning.

- It might SNOW! Annie's first exciting!

A few things totally unrelated to the holidays:
- I almost lost my mind today looking for a Baby Name Book. Don't get any ideas, now! It just happens that our adorable, soon to be parents, friends finally determined a name for their child. The reason being that they are expecting he may arrive a little early and so they needed to get him a stocking. And being that free monogramming was offered taking advantage of it necessitated choosing a name! I just find this hysterical! Haley is on bedrest with absolutly nothing to do so I suggested she start her own blog. If it happens, I will be directing you to it! Anyway, all that to say, discussing it with her made me want to go peruse the book, but of course, it was nowhere to be found! What is that about me being so organized, Carrie?

- I really need to get AP's baptism pics/video up soon, since it's been forever. So that post will be one of my weekend projects.

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Carrie said...

Uh oh, I'm rubbing off on you ;o) Ok, I am seriously so excited to see all of you in your pajamas! Haha.