Saturday, December 5, 2009

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

Last night was Annie's first snow! Yeah we definitely woke up our eight month old from a sound sleep to go experience the snow--bad Mommy and Daddy! She was a little freaked out by it; I'll be honest. We then drove around and looked at how beautiful everything was. The whole thing was really comical. Here are just a few of the best nuggets from the night:

- Peyton getting home from work at 10:30 and us deciding it would be a good idea to wake up Annie, put on her winter suit and boots and take her outside.

- Me becoming frantic because the camera battery wasn't charged. I had to explain to Peyton that if we were doing this, obviously at least 75% of the reason was for pictures--she certainly won't remember it on her own.

- Peyton being way to concerned about the cats. He's really almost let this go since having an actual child to look after (he used to climb on the roof to get Darth down because she was "scared"). He kept saying things like "Darth, you don't have shoes on" and worrying about her paws. He was very concerned she would try to explore and then get somewhere cold and not be able to get home.

- Me experiencing more emotional turmoil because of the way I looked in the aforementioned pictures (I did manage a quick swipe with the lipstick--the most important thing according to Minnie). Peyton explained to me that this was redic because there will be plenty of snowy photo ops in New York ("not with an eight month old, honey"--well, hopefully not).

- Peyton video taping the time of night on the oven clock (yes, we needed footage in multiple media forms) and me getting upset by that because the oven didn't look clean. Y'all, am I begining to sound neurotic? This is a total tangent, but when I saw a picture of Kelly's dog door on Twitter I began feeling sorry for myself because I feel like our house just looks really old--despite me cleaning it really well a while back our "cat door" refuses to be de-grimed. I blame it on age. Okay, I need to be thankful that we're fortunant enough to be homeowners and also realize it might having something to do with that lazy housekeeper we have. Somebody should fire her, stat! Oh wait, then AP wouldn't have a mommy!

- Us driving around the neighborhood and Peyton telling me to video tape the pretty houses....yes, only in Mississippi do two intelligent, sober adults drive around capturing video footage of a few snow flurries at 11:30 at night with their infant in the backseat. Even being Mississippians for whom snow is such a rare commodity, Ima gonna call crazy on us last night anyway! Also, me having an anxiety flare up about her getting pneumonia.

Look at her; kiddo is thinking "CRAZARS!"

I wish Peyton hadn't had to go to work this morning because everything was so beautiful!!

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Sara said...

I love reading your blog! That sweet baby is so cute, and I so respect and admire the honesty with which you write. Anyway, I had to comment because my mother also believes that lipstick is the most important thing, and it definitely stuck!