Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Letter to (Eight Month Old) Ann Peyton

Dear Ann Peyton,

You are now eight months old--three quarters of the way to a year! It's going by so fast, sweet baby! The weeks keep rolling along and each month I am so surprised by how much you've grown and how much you are learning. With each new day you become less of a baby and more your own little person.

It is so much fun to watch that happen. I am so interested in seeing how you personality develops. Will you be inquisitive and sensitive like I was as a little girl? Or will you be the cheerful and energetic child your Daddy was? Or maybe a little of both? I can't wait to see!

I used to think that I was SO young to be having a baby, and that it would be weird to have my own little person who I would have to be completely responsible for. But, of course, that is our new normal. Our new wonderful. Now, I think it will be sort of weird to have a little girl. I feel so young to have a small child who will call me "Momma" (I know I'm not that young, Annie, it's just how I think, sometimes). But I can't wait for that, either! I know I will love hearing that so much and the fact that *you* will be the one saying it brings tears to my eyes right now.

One new thing that you do that is totally unique to you, is that you've started rubbing/gently pulling your own hair when you're nursing. You discovered other people's hair along time ago and it's one of your all time favorite things, and now you've found your own. You rarely slow down enough to remember it's there, but when you do, you can't stop touching it! It's so sweet to watch you because I can tell it's something that helps you relax. This way of soothing yourself is the first thing I've noticed that is just yours. I loved watching you learn to do things that all the books told me you'd do, but it's even neater to see you develop your own little habits and quirks (Mommy has always loved knowing the quirky things about people--especially people she loves).

I've started talking to you more. I don't know if it is that I'm getting better at this whole thing or that I realize that talking to you is more important now or what. The baby books say to keep going with the "running commentary", but also say short little sentences to that teach you something like "this is your nose". I still like the running commentary best. The other day I was telling you to look at a train in the car. Then I said "Oh, Mommy is silly, you're backwards, you can't see that train!". And then I saw your mirror and said "Oh, Mommy IS silly, you can see it in your mirror". And we talked about the train.

You are a great eater and an even better sleeper. You still nurse five times a day and you have three solid meals, as well. Originally, I had planned on breastfeeding until you were a year old, but Minnie nursed until I was eighteen months and she said those last six were some of the most special. I'm not one of those moms that's going to keep it up until your in preschool, but I'm already beginning to see how as you get more active, I cherish the time when you're still and content in my arms.

I have no idea how much you weigh, since we haven't been to the doctor is almost two months (thank the Lord for no sickness--you are such a healthy girl!). But, I know that you are still very tiny. Your Daddy was saying that he hopes your brothers and sisters are little like you are, because it's just so cute. Your miniature feet and hands just make us smile!

You sleep beautifully! You sleep twelve hours at night, if Mommy and Daddy are diligent and get you to bed on time. And you take at least two GOOD naps during the day, one that is around an hour and one that is two or more hours.

You've started to really like to go to sleep with a lovey. You don't have to much of a preference as to which one, yet, but you definitely like to have one! This has been a hard one for your anxiety-prone Momma. I keep worrying about the suffocation risk., so usually I go in your room and take it away after you're asleep. Daddy seems to think this is foolish, since you're eight months old and quite brilliant (we think), surely you could remove a ten inch piece of fabric from your face. I am starting to come around. Taking care of you is such a great exercise of my faith!

We had a little scare recently, with your covers getting over your head. You were fine, but Momma is so paranoid, we changed your bedding to something safer.

While stuffed animals are nice, you really LOVE real pets. The kitties seem to have figured you out-the other day you were pulling General's fur and he was so sweet to you about it; but when I patted him, he nipped at me. I think they know they need to be extra gentle with you.

The holidays are proving to be so exciting with you here! During Thanksgiving dinner, you sat between me and Mickey on the floor in your carrier. You pouted just like a puppy, because you don't like it when other people are eating and you're not getting to. So, Mickey decided to "sneak" you a couple of spoonfuls of creamed corn! Of course, you liked it--you love anything to eat!

You were also baptized this month. I think that Daddy and I are going to write you a whole letter just about it and about what an important part (the MOST important) of your life your faith will be. So for now, I will just tell you that it was a beautiful day for our beautiful girl!

I am so excited about your first Christmas. Daddy keeps reminding me that you won't even really know what's going on. But we will create memories for you and take lots of pictures, so we can share it all with you when you are older.

The first big disagreement we have had about parenting is about Santa Clause. Daddy does not want to "lie" to you. I know it's not the most important thing, but Christmas was so magical to me growing up and I want you to have that, too. Also, I want you to enjoy your imagination and see things in a way that you won't be able to for the rest of your life. But, we will figure it out and you will have wonderful Christmases, no matter what the outcome. We have so many traditions that we can't wait to start with you!

Next month, I will tell you all about it! Until then, I love you my precious, growing girl!

Love, Momma (and Daddy)

One Month Old Ann Peyton

Two Month Old Ann Peyton

Three Month Old Ann Peyton

Four Month Old Ann Peyton

Five Month Old Ann Peyton

Six Month Old Ann Peyton

Seven Month Old Ann Peyton

(now) Eight Month Old Ann Peyton


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Oh my goodness, she looks twice as big in 8 month picture as she did in the 7 month one! ADORABLE!

Rachel Bolanos said...

Hey girl! I work at the Hilton Garden Inn Madison, and I wanted to tell you that someone is having a sample children's clothing sale here today and tomorrow morning. Just wanted to let you know in case you may be interested! :)

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Very sweet! I love how you describe being parents as "our new wonderful!" She sure is a cutie pie. Hope you're having a wonderful day! `Blessings!