Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ringing in the New Year

Peyton and I have not really "let" Ann Peyton change much about the way we live. And I am pretty proud of that. The case might be different if we had had the chance to get a few years under our belt and enjoy it just being us, but we didn't. And I'm not sad about it, really. I just feel like it's important (for both of us, but especially for Peyton) that we are able to do many of the things we would have been doing anyway. It's especially easy, since Ann Peyton is so laid back. If we want to go to dinner with friends and we end up staying out past her bedtime, I really don't fret over it. If we want to go on a trip, we just pack her up and take her. If Peyton wants to go get drinks with his buddies once a month or so, I encourage it. I know once we have multiple children, it won't be this easy, so we are making the most of this time now.

That said, I did not even realize tonight was New Year's Eve until just now (I mean I knew it earlier in the week). And even now, it was because I was thinking of going somewhere and then I realized it would be closed.


I feel like I should be writing Christy's blog, with it's titular reference to "Mommy Brain" (I didn't really get the name until I read one of her posts about having her brain sucked out, ha!).

Seriously, there has been not ONE New Year's since the eighth grade that I haven't had "plans". And, there has also not be ONE year since the eighth grade that I haven't made out with someone at midnight. Okay, that's a lie. Last year there were people at our house and as a grown woman and almost mom, I wasn't comfortable with that. And let's just pretend I had a steady boyfriend for all the other nine times. Because otherwise, I might be making myself look like I had a promiscuous streak as a teen. Cut me some slack- I said I made out with them, not had sex.

So, definitely no plans. Although, I think Peyton would love a much overdue make-out session. So, I might add it to my to-do list. If I'm not to tired.

That was all TMI. But what would my blog be without the occasional frequent divulge of personal information?

And this is a total different subject, but......I think I am going to take a little break in my "answers" posts. Because I want to go ahead and get all my Christmas posts up by the END of January (I still have two more "recap" type ones and I want to write one sharing our final Santa compromise). I know, I post WAY to much stuff on here. Which is why I'm going to wait a few days/week and then resume the answers. It's pretty ridiculous to be writing, like, three posts a day (if you're not MckMama).

I'm pretty sure no one really cares, but I know if I was reading a blog and someone just all of a sudden stopped mid questions, it would totally throw me overboard. But, I'm a bit on the anal side.


Christy said...

Clay and I do the same thing every year :) We do something special with the kids and then after they are in bed, we watch movies, eat pizza, drink wine and try our best to stay up until midnight! Clay doesn't have a problem, I usually fall asleep and he has to wake me up to see the ball drop :)

I love that you and Peyton are keeping each other a priority and still having fun. Clay and I still do this! We had LG right after our first anniversary so we only had six months of marriage that I wasn't pregnant or we didn't have a child so we dont' really know what life is like without children! Don't worry about other children influencing this or making it harder-we still pack them up and take them wherever :)

The Niemeyer Nest said...

You are so funny!