Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sneaky Peaky

Here are a couple of the pictures we almost picked for our Christmas card:

Peyton looks so relaxed and this is one of my favorite pictures of myself, but wow, Ann Peyton looks a little spazz, huh?

I still like this one, but.....

The one we chose is by far the best. It just has an extra Christmas-y feel.

For the card, I shopped around and I finally ended up going with Tiny Prints, the same site that I got AP's birth announcement from. It was one of the more pricey options that I was deciding between, but I picked it based on a specific'll see why when I put the card up!

And, Sally was nice enough to take a few extra of just Annie. My Daddy took some really beautiful pictures of me in my Momma's dress and my grandmother's bonnet when I was very close to Ann Peyton's age. So, my mom thought it would be fun to have AP's picture made in the same attire. Of course, you know nothing warms my heart like a "comparison project" so I thought the idea was grand. I think they turned out beautifully and she looks like such an old fashioned little baby doll (just what I was hoping for)!

Of course, once I can get some of the pictures of me scanned in, I'll do a comparison post!


Carrie said...

Those pictures are all SO good! I can't wait to see your card! I'm so glad you ended up getting that dress for AP. It looks adorable on her!

Rachel Bolanos said...

and I got our christmas card from tiny prints too - I love their stuff!

Rachel Bolanos said...

My favorite is the first one of the whole family! So cute!