Friday, December 18, 2009

The Twelve Days of Christmas- EIGHT Things That WERE on my Wish List

Alot of years, Peyton and I surprise each other. And this year his is going to be a surprise. But I had my "wish list" ready (obviously, I am a fan of list-making, seeing as how this whole series of posts is really just a collection of lists) and so he decided to make his own life easier and just pick something. Last year he got me an apron and some adorable measuring spoons from my favorite store ever, Anthropologie, and a really cute picnic cooler thing. I don't even think he meant to go with a "cooking" theme, but he did. Maybe it was opposed to be a hint ;). Anyway, he did really good, even though he forgot we already had one of the cooler bags, so I did end up taking it back. I was impressed.

However, like I said, this year I had a list:

8. One of those things that you can use to burn a dvd of something off of your tv. My parents have one of these (my dad is REALLY into things that convert one form of technology to another; he used all his credit card points last time to get this and something that will turn his circa 1974 slides into pictures). There are several things on our dvr that I've already watched, but don't want to get rid of. It's also the easiest (still tedious, though) way to get a VHS to dvd without giving our retirement fund to Deville.

7. A few "smaller" things again. I'd really love a funky pair of rainboots, some trouser socks, and something cute for myself or the house from the Anthro.

6. Another thing I'd add to that list is a MagHound subscription. It allows you "try out" different subscriptions for a few months and change it up. So it's like buying a subscription to a magazine, but you get to try out a bunch of different ones. It's great if you have trouble committing.

5. A typewriter. I thought I wanted one, but that was short lived. My friend has one, but then again he is a real writer.

4. A baby. Oh, wait! I already got that one! Trust me, I'd be begging Peyton for one this year if the Lord hadn't given us a surprise last. And yes, I'm good with just one right now (not forever, though!)

3. An iPhone. Because, all the cool kids have them. As in, Peyton and my sister. Also, it would just be so much fun to be able to open my google reader anywhere. But, I really hate the keyboard on Peyton's; I'm not good at texting anyway and to me the keys on the screen are actually harder. Plus, and I'm not judging anybody here, but my "office" is my house. I'm here so much every day. I'm so within yards of the computer 75% of my day. Not saying that you should be reading blogs at work anyway, though....hehe.

2. A camera. It seems like I know so many people with really nice cameras and I've started to actually realize the difference it makes. But, we decided I really only needed to tackle one new "creative" project this winter, sooo.....

1. A sewing machine. For months, I have been saying how much fun I thought it would be to design and make AP's clothes. In the end, though, I realized that a good sewing machine isn't going to be cheap and it's going to be a real commitment of my time if I want to do it. And, if I do it I want to do it right. Sooo.....

What I'm actually getting is some sewing classes. Peyton's mom has a machine that she's going to let me borrow and I'm going to take the beginners series of classes and see if it is something that I really am interested in pursuing!


The Niemeyer Nest said...

Let me know about your sewing classes. I want to take them too. It's a good idea to try this hobby out before you make a big commitment. I'd love to make some cute clothes for Evie.

Allison said...

Somehow I missed this post.

1. I love Anthropologie. However, I've never bought anything from there because every time I go in the store I want to spend $500 (which would really only get you like 4 things), and I have a hard time justifying it. I know they have a good sale section, but you have to go through all the reg. priced stuff to get there! Too much temptation. HOWEVER, I got a gift card for Christmas from one of the moms I work for--YAY! I'll probably research for a few months so that I get the one item that I want over all others. Tough decision.

2. I really want to learn to sew, too. I've almost bought a sewing machine about 5 times, but I never get all the way there. I think taking classes is definitely the way to go, because it seems like it could be potentially frustrating if you don't really know what you're doing. Good luck! You'll have to post some of your projects on here.