Monday, December 21, 2009

The Twelve Days of Christmas- FIVE "Little" [Christmas] Things That Are Important to Me

5. The "Santy Cake" my mom bakes. It's a cookie cake that looks like Santa Claus. And it is SO cute. I left it off my traditions post, but I can't wait to start the tradition of making one (or more!) each year with Ann Peyton. If we make one this year (I hope there is time!), I'll put a picture up. I googled it and was surprised I couldn't find it; I figured other people made the same one (I'm sure she got it from a cake book--she makes beautiful cakes).

4. My candy jar full of red and green peanut butter M&Ms. I've said it before, and I compleatly don't get it, but for me changing the candy for the holiday/season is just something I love to do. I have no idea why I think this, but it reminds me of something someone would do in a book or movie. Like how when I saw Miracle on 34th Street for the first time, I immediatly began saving my gum in a box by my bedside each night like Susan did (ewww!). Or when I read the Anastasia Krupnick books I started a habit (can I call it a habit? addiction?) of listmaking. Or how I used to love hearing AOL say You've Got Mail after I saw the movie and had to practice peeling an apple in one peel after Sleepless in Seattle. Those little things stick out to me. I guess there supposed to. In my own little movie of my life changing the candy is one of those things. I kinda hope I can convince Annie it's that cool.

3. The Angel Chime at my parents' house. Cookie and I used to sit and watch it spin and chime for hours. And make "wax balls", of course. I just think it's so pretty and brings back so many great childhood Christmas memories.

2. Going to Granny and PopPop's house the day after Christmas. Granny and PopPop are Peyton's paternal grandparents and I love them as if they were my own. Peyton's WHOLE family (all four siblings plus some spouses, his Mom and Dad, aunt and uncle, cousins, and now the GREAT grandchildren) goes. I know it will be even more fun this year, sharing it with Ann Peyton. I used to kind of obsess about missing the "day after Christmas" sales and made Peyton get up really early and go shop. Last year, I kind of relaxed and only hit one or two places. This year, I'm really not worried about it at all.

1. Spending the night in Christmas Eve at my parents' house. I don't care if I have a Duggar size family (I don't plan to, but you know I do love a good surprise), we are ALWAYS going to spend the night there on Christmas Eve. I love that my mom still "puts out Santa"--she makes a beautiful display EVERY year and she doesn't wrap ANYTHING. This year it will be different, because I'll get to put out Annie's stuff. I am so much more excited about what I've gotten her than anything I am getting. I love that!


Ashley said...

"I don't care if I have a Duggar size family (I don't plan to, but you know I do love a good surprise)..."

I laughed out loud.

The Niemeyer Nest said...

Funny post! I used to love Anastasia books too -maybe thats where my obsession with list making came from.

Christy said...

I love the Duggar comment :)

We spend the night at my inlaws every Christmas Eve and I am right there with you on always doing that. It makes the holiday so special for my children and so much fun for the grandparents because they get to see the excitement Christmas morning!

Mary Louis Quinn said...

My mom still puts out our Santa gifts, too, and I love it! But like you said, I am so excited about putting out Curran's santa presents even though she has no idea what's going on! :) John and I rotate holidays and it is so hard not being in Jackson with my family, especially on Christmas. I'm glad this year it's out turn to be in Jackson!