Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Twelve Days of Christmas- SEVEN Favorite "Non-Carol" Christmas Songs

A few more treasures from my Christmas collection......

7. Some Children See Him- James Taylor. I love this song so much. The lyrics talk about how some children see Jesus "dark as they", some see Him "lily white" and some see Him "almond eyed". I just think it's very neat. I remember the first time I realized that my Savior probably didn't look like all the pictures I had seen of him, with kind of soft brown hair and blue eyes.

6. An Angel Came Down- Trans Siberian Orchestra. I pretty much love anything they do. It's like '80s hair metal meets Christmas. And I love me some Monster Ballads and some Christmas tunes. Anyway, this one is a great one about, obviously, an angel who came to Earth one cold winter night.

5. Christmas Time Is Here- from A Charlie Brown Christmas. It's a little sad sounding, but I love it!

4. Santa Clause is Coming to Town- Bruce Springsteen. I don't even like this song that much; I just love how The Boss does it.

3. Who Comes This Night- James Taylor. Another beautiful song about the baby Jesus from JT's "James Taylor at Christmas" album. "Who sends this song upon the air/To ease the soul that's aching?/To still the cry of deep despair/And heal the heart that's breaking."

2. Emanuel, God with Us- Amy Grant. The music is beautiful--it sounds kind of like Celtic music. And the lyrics are beautiful and really convey a wonderful message. SO stirring.

1. Silver Bells- I love this song because I have attached to it a very specific memory. I remember visiting my maternal grandmother's house one winter when I was about thirteen. We were downtown in the small North Mississippi town in which she lived, killing time before dinner. I guess that some shop was playing music and I heard this song that I have always loved. I just remember thinking what a perfect song for this little town. My next thought, because I've ALWAYS been a hopeless romantic, was "I really hope I can share this with the person I love one day". I did.

A few more faves include, "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause", "Jingle Bell Rock", "Blue Christmas" and "All I Want for Christmas is You".


Allison said...

I have to admit, one of my guilty pleasures is Amy Grant's Christmas music. Danny hates it, of course, but I guess I'd think it a little weird if he didn't. I also like 98 Degrees ("If Every Day Could Be Christmas" is the best!).

About your comment on my blog, I AM a little surprised that you agree with me, but very pleasantly so. I'm glad to know that our generation seems to have a little more perspective on these things, more so than generations before us. I was a little hesitant to post it because I was afraid of what my parents and in-laws would think. But, you know, sometimes you just have to be real.

Ashley said...

I so enjoy list-making :)