Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Twelve Days of Christmas- NINE Presents Ann Peyton Is Getting This Christmas

Everyone seems to be asking what we are getting her!

First of all, I finally just decided we aren't going to get her a "big" thing this year. Cookie and I always got one big thing (maybe not expensive, but impressive). So, I thought for sure we'd do the same. Well, the truth is I was racking my brain to think of a big thing and there wasn't one she needed/I even really wanted her to have. She did recently get a neat little "Annie pen" and I was considering holding off until Christmas to give it to her, but I didn't have the willpower! Then we thought about a walker, but she is SO content with her Saucer right now, I just don't know if we'll even need one. And, I've kind of made a decision that I'm not getting any more big plastic things to go in my house, without putting another one up. We just don't have the room!
Also, I really wanted most of the things we got her this year to be special and pretty and not some neon colored plastic apparatus. We thought about a rocking horse, but decided against that, too.

One other thing, I told Peyton I didn't care if she couldn't use it right away, but I did want her to be able to use it before next Christmas. That helped me keep myself under control a bit!

So here are a few things Ann Peyton IS getting:

9. A swing (from my parents)-- like an outdoor toddler swing, wow!

8. A highchair/shopping cart cover (from Cookie)-- we are so excited she can sit in a highchair now! Especially me, since her carrier is about to give me permanent back problems

7. A robot thing that Peyton says she will "chase" when she can crawl/walk; sounds fun! (from us)

6. Some crocheted Etsy stuff (from Santa)

5. A super cute dress (from Santa)

4. Some blocks (from Santa)

3. A puzzle (from Santa)

2. LOTS of books (from Santa)

1. Some type of cross (from Santa-who has yet to find the perfect one)

Merry Christmas, Annie!


Heidi said...

Hey! I decided to use cloth because it was cheaper and looked like more fun than disposables. Everyone I knew was doing it, so I followed suit. :-)

I need to catch up on my reading! I feel so far behind on your blog... I'll start using my feeding time to double-task it and read blogs at the same time.

Merry Christmas!

Allison said...

you know, i actually read one time in a journal article that walkers weren't good for toddlers learning how to walk. i think it was something about them using their arms to support themselves instead of their core. the same article also said not to hold babies by their hands or arms when teaching them to take steps, for the same reason. instead, it said to hold their waist/hips. i thought that was interesting. since you're debating a walker, maybe you should look in to that. mind you, i have no idea how true it is.

Christy said...

I still remember Laura Grace's first Christmas-she was five months old and we had NO idea what to get her :) I love it when babies transition into high chairs-it makes life SO much easierwhen you go out to eat. have you seen those cool high chair covers that you can buy? They are like those grocery cart covers that protect the baby from germs. I have never bought one, I just put my kids in the germy stuff. This time I think I am going to get one for Will though...
Sorry, wrote a novel again!!