Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Twelve Days of Christmas- SIX Things I Hate About This Time of the Year

Not to be a Negative Nancy, but.....

6. Crappy Christmas Movies on Repeat- I guess it varies from person to person what one's taste is in holiday movies. The thing that stinks is when they play the same one sixty eight times. For example, I LOVE A Christmas Story, but many people don't and yet they run it all December and wear it out.

5. This song- The Christmas Shoes. Ohmigosh. I wish it had never been written. It never fails to leave me hysterical. I avoid it. At. All. Costs. Don't click the link. Just don't. You'll be sorry.

4. Getting in my car when it is freezing cold. I really like to be a drama queen, espessially when Peyton is around and make my teeth chatter absurdly. I thought about it this morning, though, and there was a time when people didn't even have heaters in their cars. Or cars. Or heaters. Whoa.

3. Crazy Christmas Traffic. Aaaand, I wish all my Christmas shopping was done. Sadly, I haven't even scratched the surface. And I have no excuse, save my own laziness. I am begining to realize that there might be a procrastinator hiding inside me.

2. The materialism of our culture. Surfice to say, it's a problem. I'm not going to get all judgemental and "America's going to Hell" on you. Well, not in this post ;).

1. The covetous spirit that sometimes swells up in ME. There I said it, sometimes it's hard not to envy others. And this year I am struggling with envying what other parents are getting their children and measuring myself against the yardstick that was my own childhood Christmases. And it sucks. I'm not going to raise her that way.

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Allison said...

Christmas Shoes is the worst song ever. It's really terribly written. And why in the world would you write a song about that? And why would radio stations think it's a good idea to play it all the time. Don't get it.