Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Twelve Days of Christmas- TEN Items On My To-Do Must-Do Before Christmas List

I'm going to go on record as saying this IS the busiest I've been since April (when we welcomed AP). I don't know why I'm shocked. I do want to accomplish a few things, since I have a break from my super time consuming (eight hour a week) job. We'll see.......

10. Work on a little project for my kitchen. It requires craftiness and thus I'm not going to discuss the details any further until I see if I can actually produce something that looks like it could actually be a decorative addition to my home.

9. At least, figure out how to make copies of home videos from dvds I've made. I've already done the painstaking work of getting them from VHS to DVD; I just need to make copies of the dvd.

8. Update pictures on the Facebook. It's the only photo sharing site we use and I need to do it as a courtesy to my mom (yes, she's on Facebook. Bizzare-ulous.)

7. Make a final decision about Flikr or Picassa and GO WITH IT. At least create an account. FB is not reliable enough to be the only place online where my photos are backed up (of course, we back them up monthly on an external device, but I want something that is "out there"; that cannot burn up or be destroyed unless someone who hates Al Gore decides to bring down his invention (wink)).

6. Get all of AP's new clothes washed, ironed, sorted by age, and hung up in her "big closet". I explained my pre-wash rationale in a previous post. It takes awhile, because we have, you know, legitimate laundry to get done, as well.

Aaaaand, here's where it gets imperative, friends......

5. Spend time with friends I don't see as often as I'd like--friends that don't live in town and also friends who are here but are usually ridiculously busy with school and such.

4. Continue to implement a "flexible routine" for Ann Peyton and myself. Thanksgiving kicked my butt because we both got totally off what little semblance of a schedule we do adhere to.

3. Finish my "around town" (as in, not online) Christmas shopping. Ugh. Wish I'd done that two months ago. I HATE Christmas traffic.

2. Finish ordering any presents that I'm ordering online for AP (or anyone). I know, you'd think this would be #1, but even as close as she is to being a toddler (haha, crazy Minnie said that one), she really isn't going to know the difference if some of her goods arrive by the 25th of December or the 25th of January! Still, I need to get on it. Tonight.

1. Send our Christmas cards. As in, they need to be stuffed, addressed, stamped, and sitting in the mailbox at 11:00 am tomorrow. Or really, 11:00 yesterday.

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Catherine Sledge said...

I vote Picasa. Of course, I dont' know anything about Flickr, but Picasa has worked well for me.