Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Twelve Days of Christmas- ELEVEN Favorite Things About This Time of Year

11. Snow
I think it's beautiful and so much fun! Of course if I ever saw more than two centimeters of it, I might change my mind. I really have a strong distaste for rain after about one or two days of enjoying the romance of it and the coziness of my house. I guess I might feel the same way about winter precipitation, if I was exposed to it enough.

10. Warm (Preferably Flannel) Pajamas
I'm kind of a pj addict and I'm especially fond of winter ones.
I cannot believe I put this one here. Last Christmas. Very pregnant. Wannabe Katie Holmes haircut. Notsomuch.

9. Trouser Socks
I just love collecting a nice variety of trouser socks that go with every color outfit imaginable (obviously, I wear them under jeans, but I still like them to match my top).

8. Christmas Decorations
Makes me feel so warm inside!

7. Christmas Cards in My Mailbox
It's so much fun; I love going to the mailbox!

6. Dressing My Babykins in Seasonal Apparel
I love playing babydoll with her!

5. Fires in the Fireplace

We just love to hang out in our den with a good fire going.

4. Coats
I have kind of an obsession.
I thought about posting a picture of my coat closet, but it's just inappropriate. So no. This is one of my favorites.

3. Annie's "Winter Suits"
She doesn't own any actual coats, yet. I just prefer a suit at this age--there's only so long that you can wear a winter suit!

2. Seeing People We Don't See Often

This is our friend, Rob. He was home last at Easter. Hopefully, we'll see him over Christmas.

1. Snuggling
Pay no regard to Peyton's warm weather outfit (that is painfully mis-matched; what did I think because I had given birth within the week that gave me a license to allow him to do that? Call the faishion police, ASAP!**); it was really cold that day!

** I know I've said he helps me with clothing decisions and now I'm embarrassed, but usually he does MUCH, MUCH better than this!

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