Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Twelve Days of Christmas- TWO Presents Ann Peyton Will Get Every Christmas

Well, as I said in my traditions post, there are two gifts I want Annie to receive each year......

2. A Book- I've said this before, too, but one of my greatest loves in life is childrens' literature. Building Annie's (and our future childrens') library is really important to me. So, I want to try to give her at least one age appropriate book each Christmas. This year she is getting ALOT of books. This is partly due to the something I decided around July in the Barnes and Noble--sneak them in before she's old enough to start "asking" for stuff and making her own Christmas list. Parenting is all about strategic planning, right? You can be sure, I will tell you all about each after Christmas!

1. A Cross- I knew that I wanted to give Ann Peyton something each year that was part of a collection. I've known people who have done Christmas village houses and snow men and I thought it was such a neat idea. What should it be, though? I thought about snow globes, Santa Clauses, or some type of Christmas ornament. To me, though, everything I came up with seemed trite and overdone (not to knock any of these--I just wanted to be original as far as what I had seen done before). My mom (who works in the Bridal Registry at Batte Furniture) mentioned that she knew people who had started china patterns for their children/grandchildren as babies (!!!). I thought that was sweet, albeit a bit pricey, but being the worrier that I am, I think I would always worry that she wouldn't like it once she was old enough to care. It might be something we start when she is sixteen or eighteen. Well, then it hit me. I wanted to start her a collection of crosses. Besides the obvious spiritual significance, I think it's going to be a great collection because the only limit on options is your (or in this case, my) imagination. For example, the year she gets her ears pierced we can get her some cross earrings. But the most important thing is that she connect Christ's birth to his ultimate mission on Earth. And I think this little symbol will help us explain that to her.

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Ashley said...

I love the cross idea. I might have the borrow that one! While I'm at it, I might get myself one each year, because I want to do a cross wall in my house :)