Monday, December 14, 2009

Weekly Happenings Post #39 (December 7-13)

"Oh, Papa! You're so handsome in that sweater!"

Well, the weeks leading up to Christmas always seem to fly by, but I think this year that is proving to be particularly true. I feel like I've had one of the most productive weeks I've had since April and yet, my to-do list is like, growing, exponentially. Not sure how people with multiple children or people who have children that are active (you know, actually walking around and stuff) do Christmas. I guess I'll have to figure that out by next year! But for now.....weekly happenings!

On Monday, Ann Peyton and I stayed home and actually accomplished quite a bit! I did the usual, beginning of the week chores (loads of laundry, dishes, ect.) and tidied up the house a bit. Then I did some more intense cleaning, such as dusting and sweeping, ha! I made White Rotel for Peyton's work party and wrapped his Secret Santa present and we brought it all up to the Walgreens. We had frozen lasagna for supper.

Tuesday was Mother's Morning Out. After that, I went to a children's clothes overstock sale and I got some great stuff! I was pretty tired after it, for some reason and our house was a disaster. It looked like Christmas threw up, but I got it together and finished decorating, except for a few finishing touches. My mom stopped by on her way home from work and we had a nice visit. Then we went to our friends', Patrick and Haley's, house for dinner. It was so much fun! Ann Peyton's little buddy will be here soon!

On Wednesday, I did laundry, finished decorating, and wrote our Christmas letter. I also "deep cleaned" our kitchen counters (moved everything around and really gave them a thorough cleaning). With our Christmas stuff out, I just had the urge to make it look really shiney! When Peyton got home, I ran a few errands without the Babykins. I just went to Hobby Lobby, Babies R Us, Target, and Kroger. But, it's Christmas, so it took about eight hours (Just kidding. Kinda.)! Also, the lovely souls at Hobby Lobby had a little problem of not having a single cash register that would take credit/debit cards. Things happen, but I feel like they should have let the patrons know what was going on. I thought it was just the fact that it's Christmas and where are you gonna go for all your Christmas supplies? Hobby Lobby, duh until I got to the front of the line. Luckily I had my checkbook. When I got home, I cooked a birthday cake and went to bed.

Thursday was Mother's Morning Out again. It was Ms. Darlene's (the sweet lady who directs the program and is literally like a mentor to me) birthday. The cake I made her turned out looking terrible. I had dumped it out of the pan to early, while it was still warm and it was kind of lopsided. I gave her this long explanation and when I finally breathed and concluded with "Happy Birthday" she was astonished. I guess she hadn't realized it was for her (she may not have realized it was a cake, ha!). She hugged me and told me no one had baked her a cake in so long and almost cried. I was glad I brought it, even though my pride had definitely caused me to hesitate. Peyton was working a double, but he had a break, so AP and I met him for Mexican for lunch. I spent the whole afternoon working on organizing AP's stuff and getting all her too small stuff ready to go to the attic. I then started washing the stuff from the overstock sale. I'm
kind ofalot anal about things and ever since ruining a whole load of clothes when a new, unwashed item bled I wash every SINGLE thing I buy for anyone by itself first. Thursday night, we had supper with my parents, since Peyton was working.

It's hard to believe she was ever that small!

On Friday, we met Carrie and Ashley and the girls for lunch. It was super fun, as usual. Friday afternoon Peyton was off and we had a relaxing time together, just the three of us and I addressed Christmas cards (which I still haven't sent--ahhh!). Then we went to my parents' house for Beans and Rice and we got to see Cookie, since she's home for Christmas break! AP impressed us by eating a whole (very mushed up) banana!

Saturday was pretty much my non-productive day this week. I have to say that I'm really working hard on using my time more wisely. I know it will change when AP is bigger, but sometimes I feel like I'm just being lazy around the house and that is not fair when Peyton is out working really hard. He loves to use this thick Italian accent and say "I provide a good life for you". It's so funny, but so true! I'm really grateful for that and I realize that I need to do my part! At the same time, there are no "days off" with my job, so I feel like if I want to take a day every once in awhile where I don't do much more than feed Annie and wipe her tush and snuggle with her, that's okay too. Saturday night, Peyton and I had a date! My mom and dad kept Annie and we went out to eat and did a little shopping. We ate at Pan Asia and it was delish. Then we went to Renaissance, but it was late and most everything was closed so we just went to Barnes and Noble. I spent most of the time in the children's section, looking for AP's Christmas presents. She was fast asleep when we got home. She hadn't nursed very well before we left and I didn't have a bottle pumped, so I just told my mom to feed her until she was full. She took me very literally and when we got back she had eaten a big jar of vegetables, a half a banana with some cereal (mushed up alot, of course), the other half of the banana, and a few Vanilla Waffers. She is eating so much more; her appetite has grown a ton this month! I just don't want to overfeed her and make her not want to nurse, since she's still getting important nutrients from that.

AP looks excited to be visited Mickey and Minie; she's about to leap out of her Papa's arms!

Cookie and her bf, before their date......enjoy it now, Sis!

On Sunday, we went to church and then went over to my parents' house. Cookie is home from college for Christmas and her boyfriend, Conrad, was visiting(!!!), so we had a great time hanging out with them. He's from out of town and he slept in my old bedroom--how weird is that?!? Haha! I love watching her play with Annie, because she really isn't a big "baby person", but she sure is now! Peyton left early, because he was a wiseman in the Christmas Cantata at church. We met him at home and I went to bed early!

Ann Peyton is finally making friends with Layla, or rather Layla is finally making friends with her (Annie's been pursueing it for some time)

Look at that big girl with her sippy cup!

This week is the last week of MMO until after Christmas and we only have it on Tuesday, but I'm pretty sure the week will fill up with all kinds of other stuff!

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Christy said...

Your comment about those with multiple children made me laugh :) It is CHAOS...but at the same time a very happy chaos :) But you know...I think that you grow into it because it really is no harder than Christmas with just one. You get used to the millions of activities and voices and christmas lists!

I like reading about your weekly happenings because I am nosy I guess! I just like to hear about how other people spend their time.