Sunday, December 20, 2009

Weekly Happenings Post #40 (December 14-20)

So, I guess the closer it gets to Christmas, the busier things get. That seems to be the trend here, anyway. So, without further ado....Weekly Happenings!

Monday was really rainy and dreary. The perfect day for a meeting with your financial advisers. Yes, we have financial advisers and they are super helpful. I, for one, gained this little tidbit of information--Peyton is a miser. Haha, I'm only kidding. But the financial guy did say that he was "the most frugal young man he's seen over the course of his career". Then, he went on to tell us that he had never seen such growth, barring a physician who finished a residency and joined a private practice. And, that's where I gave myself a big pat on the back. Actually, Peyton was oh so sweet and told them that I was the one who had really made sacrifices so we could save in such a big way. Really, though? Sacrifice seems a touch dramatic. Clearly AP is not hurting for ANYTHING and yes, we have a nice, solid budget, but I feel like I have my every need (and many, many wants) met. It is nice to know, though, that my efforts to save (cloth diapers, making AP's food, buying stuff on Ebay, ect) have not gone unnoticed. By the way, just to take this tangent even further of course, I have decided that "words of afirmation" is my love language. I decided that before I read the book. It's on my 2010 reading list.

When we got home I had a fun night of working on the Christmas letter (you know, figuring how to print on both sides and things, because, have you noticed? I can be a touch wordy). I also made some baby food.

Tuesday was our last Mother's Morning Out for the year. Ha, that sounds so final! The staff went to Newks afterward for lunch and it was great. By the way, we have THE sweetest moms. They set up a beautiful little breakfast and showered us with love! I forgot to mention that Monday night, I had a nervous breakdown regarding stains. Okay, not really, but close. I just HATE stains and am usually pretty diligent about keeping AP's (and mine and Peyton's) things in good condition. Well, I discovered stains on TWO Christmas outfits, a cute dishtowel that Peyton used to wipe up grease(???) and Annie's antique baptismal gown. So, Tuesday afternoon was spent doing some intensive stain removal. I'm proud to say that two are "like new" and the other two are basically undetectable to the untrained eye. I also made a breakfast quiche and hashbrowns for supper.

On Wednesday, we went to lunch TWICE. Ha! I was sopposed to meet my friend, Morgan and baby Mary Milton, but my mom called to tell me her friends were having their monthly lunch at The Yogurt Shop and would love to see AP (and me....I guess). So we had yogurt there and then I meet Morgan and MM for Pizza at one of my favorites, Mellow Mushroom. I really have no idea of one thing I accomplished the rest of the day.

Minnie's friend Lynn apparently thought I was the paparazzi!

Thursday we went to lunch with Ashley (Ashley left Evy at home with her Dad) and Carrie and her baby/toddler (what is Aubrey? I think a full blown toddler). We dropped by the bank and by the time we got home I felt awful! It was the begining of a really unfun sinus infection. About all I accomplished was doing a boat load of laundry (because our regular laundry had kind of taken a backseat to newly purchased items and stained items). In fact, Carrie and Ashley both commented about me wearing a dress--I didn't have any clean jeans. Last year when I was pregnant, and was intentionally avoiding maternity clothes (ugly), I wore a TON of dresses. I love dresses in the summer (I never wear jeans when it's warm) and have some winter ones I think are SO cute, but I'm so cold-natured, it's hard to wear them in the winter.

Friday, I just felt "YUCK!". Nothing tasted good, I was so stuffed up and I had the headache of the century. I did get all my Christmas cards mailed and cleaned up many "piles" around the house. Peyton (and I) have a nasty habit of just making piles of stuff and leaving them everywhere. I also did some work on balancing my bank account (I don't really say "balancing my checkbook" anymore, since I rarely write checks). It's still not finished. Ugh. I did get out of the house to go have Beans and Rice at my parents' house, of course! While I was there I made my mom dig out old shoe boxes of pictures and tell me birth stories for this little activity.

Saturday was good; Peyton brought be some medicine and I felt much better! We stayed home most of the day- Annie and I, that is. Peyton was at work having the busiest day of his life. Makes me feel like I should be accomplishing more here. I finally got everything new that I've bought for AP washed, sorted, and hung up. It was a great feeling. I did a little scanning and then we headed back to Mickey and Minnie's to see Cookie and her bf, who was in town AGAIN, ha....lovebirds!

(More detailed post to come)

This morning we went to early church so Peyton could make it to work. AP stayed in "big church" the whole time. I kept pulling out different things from the diaper bag and she was SO good. I've gotten to where I don't mind the nursery as much, but I'd certainly prefer to have her with me. Then we came home. I straightened and washed dishes and did some laundry. I'm kind of working on intensely cleaning my kitchen. Last week I did the counters, today I mopped the floor (which I should definitely do more often) and cleaned the microwave and high chair (I even took the straps off and washed them in the washing machine--to me there is nothing grosser than putting your baby in a nasty high chair in your own home!). This week, I'm hoping to do the fridge and freezer. We'll see......

I'm predicting that this coming week will be filled with tons of joy and laughter and memory making. Filled to the brim.


Ashley said...

I can't wait to hear all about it!

Rachel said...

All your cleaning makes me want to go home and SCRUB! I'm the same way though - I take it one room at a time.