Monday, December 28, 2009

Weekly Happenings Post #41 (December 21-27)

So, yes, Christmas week was about as busy as I anticipated. Add in me dealing with an awful sinus infection and AP's little fever virus and it was even crazier than what I thought. But it was a wonderful week, nonetheless!

On Monday AP and I went out to eat with Ashley and Carrie and Evy and *BIG SISTER* Aubrey. Monday afternoon, Cookie came over and we went to Target. Since they didn't have what I was looking for (something for Christmas for AP) I went to the other Target in our area. They didn't have what I wanted, either, but I got a bunch of other stuff, ha! I am their dream costumer. We stopped by Wendy's on the way to the second Target and got a snack for Peyton and his techs because they were having such a busy day, he couldn't let anyone go get lunch (it pays to have a wife who stays at home!).

Tuesday was my Grandmother's 90th(!!) birthday, so we surprised her at the Waterford (her retirement home). She was so excited. We brought her a birthday cake and two of her old neighbors came for the celebration, too!
4 generations. Somebody's Momma needs to teach them that ladies keep their legs together.

Tuesday night I dragged Peyton back to "our" Target (redic, I know), Babies R Us, and Old Navy. That pretty much concluded our Christmas shopping and I was SO GLAD! I am really going to try to be more on top of it next year.

On Wednesday, I stayed home. I did laundry and wrote (long overdue) thank you notes for presents people gave AP at her baptism.

Thursday was Christmas Eve. I spent most of the day really getting the house in order. I knew we'd be gone that night, Christmas day, and be out of town the day after Christmas so I did several loads of laundry, cleaned out the fridge (well, Peyton did that), and washed two loads of dishes. It made me feel good to leave things in order! We went to the Christmas Eve service at our church and then went to my parents to spend the night.

Friday, of course, was Christmas day. AP slept in the pack n play in my mom's room (we just didn't feel like moving it) and we slept downstairs in my old room. This is where we found her Christmas morning.
(In bed with Minnie)

Christmas was wonderful...of course, a BIG Christmas post will follow shortly. Poor Ann Peyton was running a fever, but it was still a great day!

On Saturday, we had our Christmas celebration at Peyton's grandparents' house in Hebron, MS (it's near Laurel), after Peyton took her to the doctor to make sure she was okay (just a fever virus).

When we got home, Peyton and I were exhausted, but Annie wanted to play!
(we didn't really fall asleep with her in her Bumbo, just needed to rest and watch a little TV, ha!)

Peyton went to church on Sunday morning, but AP and I stayed home, since she had fever. It was a nice, laid back day and I began putting up all the stuff we got for Christmas (I still haven't finished!). Sunday afternoon, we went over to my parents' house for awhile and then we all had a relaxing night at home.

Peyton has been off for five days, just because Christmas happened to fall next to his weekend off. He's going back to work tomorrow, so I'm a little sad. We've had a great break. I think this week will be pretty fun, too, though!

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Christy said...

We used to live near the Waterford :)

I miss Target!!

My mom's family is from Laurel and I have been to New Hebron many times :)

These are all random comments lol.