Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Won't You Read to Me? Wednesday

*This is last week's "Will You Read to Me Wednesday". I am so crazy and I was changing the date (because I started working on the draft earlier in the week) and I put "1/6/09". So, it published under LAST January!

This week, instead of picking one book to feature and really talking about it, I thought I'd just give a little description of each of the books AP got for Christmas. I love them all! Just a little aside: I got most of mine used of Amazon (just click beside it where it says "used from...." and gives a price). Especially if you can find one that is "like new", you can hardly tell the difference! I think my mom got most (or all) of hers at TJ Maxx or Marshalls!

from us:
Kitten's First Full Moon- I love this little black and white Caldecott winner about a kitty that mistakes the moon for her bowl of milk.
Ounce Dice Trice- this book is really geared toward an older child. Peyton found it. It's basically all about unique words.
Baby's Box of Fun- This set included several "lift the flap" books by Karen Katz. I adore her!
Welcome, Little One!- A very interactive book with mirrors, and textures, and music!
In My Den- We had to get this one because it has a little bear puppet that goes through all the pages!
Pat the Bunny- an old favorite. More fun interaction.
If You Love a Nursery Rhyme- This book is BEAUTIFUL. The illustrations move in "vertical panels". It's hard to explain, but so neat!
The Little Prince Pop-Up Book- I just love a Pop-Up book and I love The Little Prince.
The Jesus Storybook Bible- I talked about this last week. It's wonderful.

from my parents:
The Little Prince- my mom got her a copy, too! And, Peyton got one from me last year!
Sesame Street Mind Your Manners Pop-Up Book- Another adorable pop-up book.
Fairy Colors- a cute book about fairies and colors
Eloise Wilkin Stories: A Little Golden Books Collection- The pictures in this treasury are beautiful and the stories are so sweet! So old fashioned. I love that.
Bedtime Bunny- called a "Snuggle Me" book, it comes with a little plush "bedtime bunny"
Peek-A-Boo, I Love You!- a sweet, funny "peek-a-boo" book
This Little Piggy- You can clap the Piggy's hands together and he reads it to you!

from Peyton's parents:
A for Angels: A Bible Alphabet- This book is written and illustrated a lady from Mississippi! It's very unique and different.
Touch and Feel Bible Stories- I love Touch and Feel books and had never seen a Bible story one!
The Beatitudes for Children- This book will be great for when Annie is a little older.
The Five Senses (Green Start)- Peyton loved this book made from recycled materials (of course!); the illustrations are so cute!

Peyton's sister and several sweet friends also got AP some books:
Peter Rabbit Snuggle- AP adores this book! It is so soft and fun for her to play with.
Christmas in the Manger- This little book tells about each character from the Christmas story. I was glad to get it because most of the Christmas books we have that are not secular are for a MUCH older child.
Who Is Coming to Our House?- Again, glad to get this. It's in a poem format and it is such a sweet, adorable book!

I'm so excited about each one!

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