Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Won't You Read to Me? Wednesday

First off, sorry for the unannounced break last week. It was just getting so close to Christmas, I could hardly think.

I had planned to list all the books AP got for Christmas with a little description of each, but I think I am going to wait and do that next week. This week I want to share TWO important books. One of them actually was one of her presents this year:

The Jesus Storybook Bible
by Sally Lloyd-Jones
illustrated by Jago

This storybook Bible is actually for an older child, but I went ahead and got it because I fell so in love with it. I first heard of it on Angie Smith's blog, Bring the Rain. Not that I think she is some kind of spiritual giant or something, but I do feel like Angie is someone who is VERY committed to faith and family. And also, she is a great writer, so I was interested in checking it out.

I flipped through it at Barnes and Noble and read one story in depth. The story I read literally left tears in my eyes. It is beautifully written and the great thing about this Bible is that every story, from the Old Testament to the New, points to Jesus Christ. Peyton also loved the illustrations. I'm a visual learner, but I don't always take enough time to just enjoy illustrations. But they are really neat and different.

I will say I read the negative reviews on Amazon before buying it (as I always do), and some people seem to think that it is not entirely Biblicaliy accurate. Some people feel, among other things, that it minimizes sin and God's judgment. I am not afraid to tell Ann Peyton she is a sinner starting um, now, but I do feel that in some ways it is responsible to minimize these things with children at times. I think you have to know your child. I was a very anxiety prone child and I think if my parents had told me the whole story when I was four I would have been terrified. It is not my intention to scare my daughter into her salvation. I just felt like I should be honest, and share (what some felt was) the bad with the good.

I also wanted to show you the Bible we use now:

The Baby Bible Storybook for Girls
by Robin Currie

One of my best friends gave Ann Peyton this Bible as a gift when she was born. It has actually become one of my own go to baby presents (they make one for boys, too), because I have found it so engaging and fun.

I love this Bible for several reasons. First of all, it is a great FIRST Bible. For one thing, it is sturdy. The pages are cardboardish, similar to a "board book", so she's not just ripping it up if I let her hold it for two seconds. Second of all, the stories are SUPER short. The main reason I love this Bible is because, most days, even if I don't find time to read my Bible, I do find time for this. It takes less than two minutes to read one of the stories, so I know it will be perfect for her toddler attention span in a few months.

Also, the stories are interactive, so they are perfect for a toddler or young child. When God promises Abraham many descendants, it tells you to count as high as you can. When it talks about Joseph's father loving him, it asks you to give your Mommy or Daddy a hug. And when we read about the walls of Jericho, we pretend to blow our own trumpet! I can't wait to see how much AP enjoys these stories as she gets older!

So, you got two for the price of one! Now, tell me what you guys are reading this week!


The Niemeyer Nest said...

Evie is loving the Touch and Feel books. Touch and Feel at the Farm seems to be her favorite. I will have to get the Bible for girls - sounds perfect!

Christy said...

WE have both books and love both :) I agree about the first one, it does minimize sin and in my opinion takes some liberty when assuming what God would have said and thought. But you know what? I love that vision of God. I love that God's mercy and grace seems to pour from the pages. THAT is the God that I want my children to know because ultimately, we would be nothing without his grace. Yes, there is sin and there is consequences. But I think there is ample opportunity to teach your children that as they get older. I tell my children to do what makes Jesus smile and when they get in trouble we talk about making wrong choices and how that saddens us and God. ANyway, my point is the book is beautiful and we also love it.
About the soon to be nephew and daddy... My brother in law is engaged to a girl who has a three year old. They are getting married in March so he will be my nephew then and my brother in law will be a daddy. I guess I could go ahead and call him my nephew because he practically is :).