Sunday, January 31, 2010

100 Things About Me- By Peyton

From SD: I saw this on Ashley's and Sarah's blogs and since I love 1) lists 2) "getting to know me" type memes and 3) my ubber fascinating husband I HAD to copy. You may remember awhile back that I made a list of 25 Things About Peyton, but this list is *100* and he created it himself. And sidenote: I prof-read it for grammer/spelling, because even though I don't exel in those areas, I'm no less anal about them, but I did not change one thing about content. Ready, go!

1. I have little confidence in my ability to write (especially compared to my wife), so bear with me.
2. Suspenseful movies are a thing I can't handle, but I love surprises and the unexpected in life. Let's go on a trip and find out where we're going on the way there!
3. I LOVE music, and I try to always expand my taste in genres, maybe one day I can understand to love jazz.
4. I don't know if I really like pharmacy, but it works for now.
5. I want to be a farmer when I grow up.
6. Visit the Art of Manliness blog; it's inspiring!
7. There's a new job I discover that I'd like to try about once a week.
8. I love to procrastinate- there's no sleep like the crashing after an all-nighter.
9. It takes me at least a couple of months to finish a book. I have five going right now!
10. Stand to Reason
11. I Love Ann Peyton and of course my Sweety.
12. I don't love pickles nearly as much as the Sweety pictured above.
13. There are no unlucky numbers, just lucky ones (21)
14. I have been blessed with so many wonderful and different friends throughout my life, all very different, and all just as enjoyable.
15. Relationships matter more than anything in this life.
16. I grew up in a wonderful and supportive family, and plan to give my children this also.
17. My favorite liquor used to be tequila- straight, but gin is quickly winning me over *especially with tonic water*
18. I waited until the New Years before my 21st birthday to first drink, arrived home the next morning to my father getting ready for a church service, so what the heck I went.
19. One summer we replanted my grandfather's land with pine seedlings. The parts we did by hand, we used the axle of a model-T to drive a hole into the ground (random right?)
20. "Catch the Wind" by Donovan is my favorite song- thanks to a visa commercial where I first heard it- sometimes credit cards are good for something!
21. We're almost out of debt and cannot wait for my family to pay off our house one day!
22. I had my first girlfriend (post-preschool) during my Junior year of High School.
23. I proceeded to bite her lip while kissing one night
24. We broke up a few weeks later, apparently kissers who also bite are not appreciated.
25. I lifeguarded at Briarwood for about 8 years, and learned much about myself and the world from there.
26. I admire my grandparents. I think my grandfather will inspire me for the rest of my life.
27. Of one fact I used to be certain, with no self-pity or ill will. I thought that I would be single my whole life and enjoy it.
28. I have a cd of songs from Disney movies
29. I started seminary and dropped out a year later.
30. I'm open minded politically and am disgusted by how we operate in Washington, but I admire true statesmen on the occasion that they show themselves.
31. I am fully opposed to abortion, I think life begins when a zygote is formed, and even felt this way when I was agnostic.
32. I am just as opposed to capital punishment in the present day United States, but feel in certain time periods and situations it is/was a necessary evil.
33. I'm not talented at chess, but have some great chess sets and like to play around with them.
34. There are TONS of my toys from when I was little in my closet still and I can't wait to let my kids play with them.
35. There is a designated box in my tool shed where I save all sorts of junk from house projects. All of this junk will be used to build elaborate GI Joe forts with my kids. (ex. parts of the blinds that were cut off will be fences, hoses from the washer will be tunnels, etc.)
36. I plan on building a playhouse in the backyard for our kids. I'll use it to teach myself how to do stuff around the house. I'll put flooring the the playhouse, to learn how to do it in a real house. Same with windows. We'll see how that works out!
37. I like random connections. For example, my sister was friends with a pair of twins named Christopher and Mary Louis in elementary school. 15 years later my wife gets a package in the mail from her friend and blog buddy Mary Louis. Who'd have thought I'd ever hear from her again?
38. I hate stuff, but I have tons of it.
39. I can't stand materialism.
40. I have trouble with spirituality.
41. I don't have trouble with stinginess.
42. I am frugal, but not cheap. The difference? I buy quality stuff that last, but don't buy often. I don't eat out as much or at as nice of places, but always tip well for good service.
43. Vinyl records make music sound better.
44. The scarf my wife bought for me a year ago is my favorite outfit when put with my leather jacket and a brown fedora.
45. I hated my first year at Ole Miss and was just a visiting student; I loved my last year and was nearly at home.
46. I'm nostalgic.
47. There is little better than a Robert Frost poem, a fall night, and the sound of trailing leaves as you take a walk.
48. In high school my friends and I would wear camo and play capture the flag and commando at night- it was pure bliss.
49. Drugs ruined pure bliss. ( For the record SD requested that I establish that I wasn't the user).
50. I LOVE NEW YORK CITY, and have felt this way ever since Katie Smith first brought me there.
51. I also have a strange thing for hats. Not baseball caps, but hats. Fedoras, etc.
52. I used to love running until my knees began to hate it.
53. There are two material goals I've set for my life: 1. Live in New York City for one year. 2. Learn to play the violin.
54. I want to learn a language- Spanish.
55. Harry Truman is a man who kept principles when it was tough to do so in politics, for this I truly admire him.
56. My fear of wasps, yellow jackets, hornets, etc. is slowly fading.
57. One evening while swimming at Ole Miss, I was having such a good swim I went past my goal of 50 laps and swam 2 miles that night.
58. That same night all my leg muscles cramped and I couldn't exit the pool for 10 minutes, or leave the Turner Center for 20.
59. Some great movies: The Shawshank Redemption, American History X, Star Wars (Original Trilogy), Glory...and more recently Moon.
60. Sarah Denley and I were not AT ALL attracted to one another at first. Of course she was 14 and I was 17, so that's probably a good sign, right?
61. She cried the first time we kissed...because she was scared her relationship with Scott Vickers was ruined.
62. Bruce Springsteen is a poet.
63. Cars and engine mechanics are things I want to know more about.
64. Twitter is incomprehensible to me, and I don't want to get it; Facebook and Google's reader are enough for me.
65. The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde should be required reading for Christians, it shows vanity run wild. It's the last 'classic' I read.
66. Jack Kerouac's novels make me want to go on an adventure. On The Road is one of the best books I'll ever read.
67. Hamburger Corn Pie is a favorite dish of mine, and it's also a dish that probably makes my wife nauseous to watch me eat.
68. Ice cream may be the best invention EVER. No, second to the printing press.
69. is a great way to waste time, and to compete with Ellis Purdy
70. Team sports are a blast, but I can never find anyone to play them with me any more ( except for the occasional game of Ultimate Frisbee).
71. I have a say in all the decorating in our house; I don't think I could handle pink fluffy things everywhere.
72. I helped pick out our wedding china, too.
73. Sarah Denley likes this about me ( or so she says).
74. I obsess over investing and budgeting strategies for the next five year, but finally came to a decision on our strategy this afternoon!
75. Free range eggs and meat should be the only kind that we buy by the end of this year.
76. This is something I would never have thought of as being a concern of mine a few years ago, and certainly I wouldn't see it as the clear moral issue that I now do.
77. The Jets are my favorite NFL team for 3 reasons: 1. They're a New York team. 2. They are the New York team without Eli Manning (cannot stand the guy) 3. Kevin in The Wonder Years wears a Jets jacket.
78. Some decisions are worth careful study and painful thought, Others are so easy that you can let Kevin from The Wonder Years make them for you.
79. McGuyver was my favorite TV show for soooo long, then The Adventures of Pete and Pete took that place...and has held it since.
80. My wife has fixed my nearly lifelong fashion dysfunction problems.
81. My dream house is a cottage with some acreage right near a good sized suburb of Jackson- 30 Minute drive max.
82. I wish I knew what it was like to be poor and destitute; it's hard to dictate how public policy should be made regarding those who have a life that I've never experienced.
83. During my final year of pharmacy school I took a few days off and SD and I went to a rally on the National Mall in Washington DC concerning the genocide that was occuring in Darfur, Sudan. It was amazing, and we were slightly out of place- the only MS delegates and one of the few from the Southeastern US.
84. My wife has more faith in me and my crazy ideas than anyone else ever could (e.g. free range meats, Darfur rally)!
85. She doesn't just put up with me, but agrees with me or doesn't, and that's what's so important.
86. Sarah Denley and I love to argue and discuss things, we've made it a past-time!
87. I've been trying to talk more to Annie, and can't wait for her to ask me "But why, Daddy?" to everything I try to explain to her.
88. The smell of smoke from a distant chimney on a winter's walk is heavenly.
89. Composting is fun, useful, and something everyone can do to avoid more trash.
90. A sunny day off of work is the perfect time for me and Ann Peyton to spend on a hike or stroll.
91. The Sipsey Wilderness in Alabama is one of the most beautiful, pure places I've ever traveled; and I can't wait to bring my family there one day.
92. I am horrible at waking up- I missed the regional qualifiers for the state swimming championships in my junior year of high school because I overslept and missed the bus. The next year I don't know if I slept the night before.
93. Retirement is not a thing that will ever be in my plans; I'll just change careers to something slower paced or of a different interest.
94. I cried when I first heard Ann Peyton cry, it was so unexpected. It was possibly the best moment of my life, Sarah Denley and I just looked at one another with tears welling up in our eyes and smiled.
95. I'd be ok with softening laws regarding marajuana possession, I would also be ok with making harsher penalties regarding other illegal drugs.
96. I favor laws that give more freedom to people, and less structure for the government- I'm somewhat of a libertarian.
97. In my opinion Ann Peyton should go to public schools (if we're in a decent district). Denley disagrees. It'll be interesting to see how it plays out.
98. I don't think that Capitalism is compatible with Christianity in it's present form, but for a global market it's the best we've figured out so far.
99. There's a small black drawing book in my desk drawer with my life to do list (i.e. bucket list), and I think that everyone should have one.
100. My wife and Ann Peyton are both better writers than I am.


Morgan said...

Peyton, you are a good writer! I thoroughly enjoyed the read - and learning more about you! Looking forward to discussing free range chickens and capitalism with you in the near future. :) oh yeah - and also those books you mentioned that I've not read!
Haydn, Emmie M, and I are blessed to have you three in our lives!

The Niemeyer Nest said...

Great list - I am impressed with all these husbands taking the time to write a list of 100 things!

Sarah Broadus said...

way to go! I love the husbands getting involved!

Carrie said...

Interesting post! It was fun to get to know Peyton a little better.

Katie Smith said...

woop woop for NYC... though I have to disagree with your choice of football team.