Friday, January 1, 2010

2009: Posts and Pictures

I saw this idea on Christy's blog and I thought it was so cute. Here is our year in pictures (and blog posts)....


We had New Year's Eve party
at our house.
I got so excited and jumped on the couch, a la Tom Cruise, at one point during our game . It scared my friends who really thought I should be sedentary while pregnant.

And we traveled to Nashville for a special party for one of Peyton's pharmacy school friends.

Traveling in your third trimester is super fun!


We were working hard to get Ann Peyton's nursery ready for her.
We also had a wonderful Valentine's day, just the two of us (no pictures, ugh!)

I realized that as much as I didn't really like pictures of myself pregnant, I would want some. So I had my sister take a few. I wish I had more. Next time......


On April 2, we finally got to meet our Annie Baby. She was, of course, more perfect than we anticipated.

newborn Babykins

In May, I celebrated my first Mother's Day as someone's Momma. It was, um, emotional. In the sense that I cried hysterically. Several times. I also started writing Ann Peyton a monthly letter, something I may never be able to break myself of.
a few days before Mother's Day

Annie started doing crazy, "big girl" things like holding her own head up,

we went on our first "date" since April, sans Babykins,

and crazars Jon and Kate, were beginning to reveal their marriage's downward spiral to the public, much to my chagrin.

Also, Peyton celebrated his first Father's Day,

and I freaked out
about Ann Peyton's weight.


Ann Peyton went on her first big trip,
when we visited my sister in Charleston, South Carolina. She did fabulous!
July was also the month that I found a couple of lifelong friends
. Blessings abound......


Ann Peyton gained two new friends.
Our friends, Morgan and Haydn, had their baby girl, Mary Milton and Peyton's sister, Elizabeth and her husband, Daniel, welcomed a boy, Simeon.
Clearly, these pics were taken a few months later, but these are the new friends!

Also, she got to try cereal and go back to sleeping through the night.
And I wrote a really honest post that I was scared to write.

Ann Peyton and I started Mother's Morning Out and Annie took her first trip to the Grove.
I realized that my baby was half a year old,
we went to the fair,
Obama won the Nobel Prize (?!?),
and Ann Peyton sat for the first time.


We had a great time celebrating Thanksgiving and I wrote my Thankful List.


We had a great Christmas with both sides
of our family. Peyton, Annie and I are so blessed!

And then we celebrated some more at Granny and PopPop's house!

Someone asked me in my questions post if I kept a baby book. I do and I'll show it to you later. But really, this blog is my true baby book (as well as my journal and diary). I wouldn't have been able to remember half of this if it weren't for looking through my own archives. I LOVE that!

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