Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Annie Banani : Fashionista {Christmas Edition}

I thought I'd share a little of Annie's Christmas fashion, in case you were interested. The fashion show begins now....

A personal fave. Monogrammed and ric-raced. Perfection.

You can't really tell, but this one is a little two piece set; it's a more traditional Christmas look.

Sometimes our little banana sports a more casual look. Here she is wearing one of my old sweatshirts (I think I wore it when I was two, but I had to put it on her this year!). She has on a little one piece "long john" thing under it (it came with a dress- it's actually really cute, the dress with long johns under it).

And sometimes, girlfriend breaks out a trendy outfit.

Again, looking very classic. Can't beat corduroy and a piped turtleneck.....

....unless it's pink chenille Christmas trees and matching booties.

Annie, looking playful, in her gingerbread man romper.

Minnie had to get a reindeer accessory!

Babykins, looking tough in my sweatshirt again, some candy can striped pants I got for $2.00 of eBay and her "low tops". So grown up!

I hope you enjoyed the fashion show! I have one more Christmas related post- I've asked Peyton to post about our Santa compromise and then I'll call it quits until next Christmas!


Christy said...

ADORABLE. You are making me want to have another baby. A girl one. Please remind me of this the next time I post about Will not sleeping and crying all day and my other children revolting because they...well...are children :)

My email is cc_hardy@netzero.com. I can't wait to try those recipes!

Mary Louis Quinn said...

All cute outfits! I love the pic of AP sitting in the chair...so grown up! :)

How in the world do you get shoes to stay on her feet?? It's almost a lost battle with Curran, so I rarely try anymore.