Friday, January 1, 2010

BunBun's First Christmas [Part 2]

I'm not even going to do a New Year's Eve recap. Peyton came home, we watched a movie, and he went over to his parent's house for a while. I told him it was fine as long as he was home by midnight. But really, I was sort of sad not to spend the whole thing together. I just told him to go on, though, because he needs to have fun. I would have gone, too, but we are trying to get AP to sleep at a consistent time most nights now. Anyway, he got home, we talked awhile and I ended up falling asleep before midnight! I am a night owl and I can probably count on one hand how many times I've fallen asleep before midnight (not counting being sick) in the last five years on one hand. I was a little disappointed when I woke up and realized I had missed ringing in the new year for the first time since I was ten, but oh well! Onto the Christmas recap....

On Christmas morning, after we did "Santa" at my parents', we headed to Peyton's parents' house (around 10:00). We had a wonderful brunch with quiche, grits, fruit, and the BEST waffles. Then we opened presents.

They wrap all their presents, so it is totally different from my house. It's really fun to do Christmas at the Herrington's because there are SO many people there- Peyton has four siblings, two with spouses and one with a baby (the one with a baby is also one of the ones with a spouse, just in case you were curious).

Peyton's mom....ready, set, go!!

Peyton's sister, Elizabeth, opening her presents!

This is Ann Peyton's cousin, Simeon and his dad (Elizabeth's husband) with Peyton's daddy

Michal and his puppy, Loyla

one tired Annie Baby

Peyton's brother, Andrew

and his wife, Erin

***I don't know how I don't have a picture of Peyton's youngest brother, Joseph. I guess because Super Dad was the one with the camera, ha! Anyway, he's fourteen and he loves Nirvana. He got a lot of flannel.

Peyton's parents were very generous! They got us a couple's message at the spa and some other great things! Peyton got a TON of books of his Amazon wish list (do you see a trend in our family?) and I got a purse, a Patrick Swayze book, and a new journal. We also got a cross and a Mississippi ornament (I might keep the cross out year around!).

Also, Peyton's mom helped him a ton with his presents to me. In addition to the small things he gave me at my parents' house and the sewing lessons he got me, he also got me a sewing basket his mom found and another BIG surprise. His mom has two sewing machines, and one of them had a part that was broken. Well, he had it fixed for me to use at our house to practice as soon as I start lessons!

Of course, Ann Peyton's presents took the cake.

She got some adorable Eric Carle toys, a Christmas Mr. Potato Head, some books, and a PlayMobil nativity set (for when she's a few years older). My two favorite things she got were a little Ole Miss "Mascot Manner" plastic dish set and a Madame Alexander baby doll. The baby doll is so pretty and sweet and was such a generous gift! The dish set has a place mat that shows where to put your utensils on the front and tells good manners, like "Shake Colonel Rebel's hand!" on the back. The bowl says "Don't slurp! Don't burp!". Super cute!

After presents, Ann Peyton got a little fussy. She was ready for her nap. We tried to rock her and all sorts of things. Pretty much she just has to put herself to sleep; at Mother's Morning Out I have to make sure I'm not in her line of vision or she won't sleep. [I say that; this morning she feel asleep on my chest on the couch....special treat for the Mommykins!!]. Anyway, Peyton took her in the play room and put her on this HUGE beanbag. I really wasn't worried about her rolling off as much as the thing looked like the biggest suffocation risk I'VE EVER SEEN. So, I told him it was fine, but someone would have to watch her and explained why. He had no idea that babys' matresses are sopposed to be really firm. Good thing I read all the books.....that's what he pays me for, right?

Anyway, that wouldn't work. She we just buckled her in her car seat and let her cry about three and a half minutes and she was out. I know; I have an amazing baby. I can say that because I don't take any of the credit for her extremely agreeable nature.

After that we went back to my parents for an amazing Christmas "dinner" (around 4:00 in the afternoon). We had steak, twice baked potato, crunchy Romaine salad, and rolls with raspberry triffle for dessert! Yum!

She doesn't really look like she was fighting a fever virus all day does she?

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