Saturday, January 2, 2010

BunBun's First Christmas [Part 3]

Well, this is the last of the Christmas "recap" posts. The day after Christmas we always go to Peyton's grandparents' house. Peyton took AP to the doctor that morning because she had had fever all day on Christmas and during the night. They told him it was just a fever virus and she might be cranky, but just to give her Tylenol and not worry too much. Well, she did great!

We ate a huge home-cooked meal (two kinds of meat, stuffing, and tons of great veggies). Granny is pretty much the best cook ever. It may or may not have something to do with her putting about a stick of butter in each pot. Then we exchanged gifts. Last year we started doing "Secret Santa", because there are just so many people in Peyton's family. Peyton and I are in charge of making the list every year and telling people who they have.

My Secret Santa person was Elizabeth (Peyton's sister). She got me two cook books (yay!), some soup mix, and a couple of other things. Peyton got (guess what?) another chess set from his brother, Andrew. He does love him some chess (I think he has five sets now; counting his magnetic travel one). Ha! I had Andrew's wife, Erin, and we got her an Old Navy gift card (Andrew said she wanted some clothes, and those are hard to pick out for other people!). Peyton had his Uncle Reid and he got him a really neat looking vintage inspired baseball, since he's a big sports fan.

Ann Peyton and her cousin, Simeon, had each other. Simeon gave Ann Peyton some cute socks, some little clean/dirty laundry bags, and Peter Rabbit Snuggle, a cloth book that she adores.

Annie gave Simeon a bunch of Winnie the Pooh stuff and a board book, The Runaway Bunny (it's one of her mommy's favorites).

Peyton's aunt and uncle also gave Annie a a present- an adorable little green polo dress that I think she will be able to wear in the fall!

Ann Peyton eating her veggies- not as good as Granny's, I'm sure!

Peyton's youngest brother, Joseph, and Granny opening their presents

PopPop got a Snuggie for Christmas--doesn't he look so....

Peyton's Daddy and our nephew, Simeon

Granny wanted a picture of Annie in this little rocking chair so bad! It did turn out so sweet!

Daddy and Mommy needed a rest after such a busy day, but the busy girl wasn't ready to rest!


Ashley said...

I've loved reading about your Christmas :)

PS. We call Evy's Bunny "BunBun." My mom has called bunnies that since I was BORN.

Craziness. :)

Carrie said...

I think David and Peyton would get along well -- David loves chess and has SO many chess sets from all over the place. I'm so glad yall had such a good Christmas!