Monday, January 25, 2010

A Few More Little Things

I had a few more things yesterday, but my Weekly Happenings post was just getting out of control (probably made your retinas bleed, as MckMama would say). Anyway....

First off, a kitty update. I think that Darth and The General are going to be outside kitties for awhile, now. I told Peyton that if someone wants to play with them it is fine to bring them in the house, but they are not going to come and go at their leisure, anymore. Also, now that we are starting to have some pretty days, I think it will be good motivation to get us outside. I'm just unsure why it took me this long. They have always kind of torn up the carpet (we're getting wood floors this Spring, yay!), but now that AP is more active and puts EVERYTHING in her mouth it has gotten to be an even bigger problem. I've got her with carpet fibers in her mouth a couple of times and once she was kind of coughing. Peyton thinks it was just "tickling her", but I swear it's a choking hazard. And really after that laundry room incident a few Sundays back should have been conclusive evidence it was time to make this move, but Ima softie.

Secondly, I really thought everyone needed to see more naked tulle pictures of AP, but I changed my mind and am going to devote a whole post to them later.

Lastly, I really wanted to talk about my chair find a little more. I am so excited about it! It was still kind of high for consignment, but I know they have them in stores around here for insane prices (like over $100). And it was just what I wanted. I've seen the "hard" kind of toddler chairs at Target and Pottery Barn, but I really wanted a soft one for her. I'm all about soft things- you should see my t-shirt collection (oh, wait you have- in our Weekly Family Pictures). I had put up her Bouncy Seat and was just planning to leave the area where it was bare. Her room is pretty full and it really didn't need anything there; but the chair was SO perfect! AP's nursery really doesn't have a theme, except that it is sort of vintage inspired and has a "shabby chic" look to it:

And what could be more vintage AND shabby chic than a pastel colored, patchwork chenille toddler chair? I'll tell you- NOTHING.

So, I put it in her room where the Bouncy Seat used to live.

I think that she looks significantly more comfortable than she did in her Bouncy!

P.S. I know I don't have to defend myself to anyone reading this, but I just want to say it anyway. After today's two long post and yesterday's ridicoulously long post, I know it doesn't seem like I do anything all day but blog. Well, I had the earlier post from today mostly all written last week and just had to finish it. Just so you know.....

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Carrie said...

I have to admit that I'm so jealous of that chair. I still haven't gotten Aubrey a chair that I wanted to get her for CHRISTMAS! It's super cute!