Saturday, January 2, 2010

Letter to (Nine Month Old) Ann Peyton

Ann Peyton,

Happy nine month birthday, Annie! You are getting so big, BunBun!

You've had a good month. You did have a little fever virus, but you kicked that quickly and were actually quit pleasant for the duration. I got scared again about your weight. I just have to keep reminding myself that you come from a long line of tiny people (your great grandmother and great grandfather were 100 and 120 pounds, respectively, on their wedding day).

You are still a great eater! You nurse five times a day and eat three solid meals. Most days you have a snack of Puffs, a Rice Rusk, or a cookie, too.

You wear mostly six month clothes now and you are finally in a size two diaper (most of your friends that are four months younger are in a 2-3).

You sleep fabulously. You sleep through the night and still average two naps a day. You're so sweet to Mommy, because when you wake up from your nap many times you are content to just play in your crib for another twenty minutes or so. I actually asked Minnie if it was okay to leave you in there like that or if I was being mean. She said of course it was if you were happy! Your crazy Mommy is always trying to make things harder on herself!

You are a pretty independent little baby. You will play by yourself with blocks or a book for a good stretch without getting bored. I am quite happy about your attention span; you focus on things so well!

But we love playing with you, too! You really enjoy having books read to you or being sung to. And you love it when Daddy swings and bounces and plays "hard" with you. Mommy loves that you still like to cuddle some. Usually I have to be out of your sight for you to fall asleep, but yesterday you feel asleep on my chest on the couch and I LOVED it.

You are a curious little girl. The other day you found Mommy's bedroom slipper. At first, I think you thought it was a lovey because you just patted it so sweetly. But, then, I could tell, your realized it was not a lovey or a stuffed animal. You started touching it in a very different way. And you examined it so carefully. It was adorable!

You had a great Christmas! Mommy and Daddy came up with a compromise about Santa. You got some great presents, but we want to make sure we always help you focus on the true meaning of Christmas.

You got TONS of books for Christmas. We are trying to teach you early how fun and important reading is!

You have captured your Daddy's heart. The other night I heard him say "Sweetie" (we always call each other 'Sweetie') and I turned around and he was talking to you. Sometimes, he just looks at you and says "That baby is so cute!". He tries to get you to say "Papa", which is what he wants you to call him, at least once a day!

Ann Peyton, I am so happy these days. I love that each month is better than the last. I look back at the past months and I cherish the memories. I look toward your future with such excited anticipation. And I sit in this moment and try to relish it in it's entirety.

You are so special to us, Annie. I hope I can always make you feel that way.

Momma and Daddy

One Month Old Ann Peyton

Two Month Old Ann Peyton

Three Month Old Ann Peyton

Four Month Old Ann Peyton

Five Month Old Ann Peyton

Six Month Old Ann Peyton

Seven Month Old Ann Peyton

Eight Month Old Ann Peyton

(now) Nine Month Old Ann Peyton


Ashley said...

Either the baby is getting bigger or the stuffed animal is getting smaller! AP is growing up!

The Niemeyer Nest said...

Oh so sweet! You made me teary.

Rachel said...

I love reading your letters to Ann Peyton. They are just so sweet and sentimental. This is definitely a tradition that I want to start when I have children - I think it is such a GREAT idea!

Christy said...

so cute!! She has really grown in the last two months :)