Sunday, January 3, 2010

SD's Answers- Part 3 (Baby Questions)

How did you tell Peyton you were pregnant?
Um, I'm pretty sure my answer will disappoint. It was probably the most unromantic, not sweet way anyone has ever told someone they were pregnant. Okay, I take that back. Probably, there are teenage welfare moms who were less sweet than I was.

I was feeling awful and I assumed it was PMS. I'm not very "regular", so I wasn't really concerned at first. When I was REALLY late (I mean weeks) it occurred to me. It just HIT me--when you get married and "act" married, you can get pregnant. DUH!

[As a sidenote--we were using Natural Family Planning. I wouldn't call the system a fail, though. I was just not diligent about keeping up with "things". I won't go into any more details. I have to draw a line somewhere.] night I just thought "Oh my gosh, maybe I'm PREGNANT". I called Peyton at work and told him to bring home a test. He totally didn't take me seriously and when we got home he didn't have it. I was kind of freaking out and told him we needed to go to CVS and get one. I distinctly remember putting back on my wedding ring because I wanted the cashier to know we were married. HA.....I'm so weird!

When we got home I ran to the bathroom and Peyton started playing a video game. Ohmigosh. In the back of my mind, I was sure I wasn't pregnant, either, though. I took the test and there was no doubt. It was not said the letters P-R-E-G-N-A-N-T. I screamed at him turn off Mario Cart and to come in there. He said I had my head in my hands. I wasn't crying or anything, but I was in shock (I did cry later that night). We talked. And talked. I called my mom. He called his really good friend who was the associate pastor at our church at the time. We talked more. It was SO surprising.

I keep thinking about how different it will be the next time around.

Peyton said these beautiful words the other day--"Sweetie, we will never again view a baby that way. We will know that any baby is a miracle. Even if we ever have another surprise."

And it's true. I always knew I wanted to be a mother more than anything, but I really thought this was the wrong time for that. Peyton and I had such a wrong view of having a child, of being parents. We had a very worldly view. A selfish view. A view that said a baby was an inconvenience, a burden, an obstacle in our path, a hindrance to our happiness.

I can say that I have never been more wrong about anything in my life. Her little life has given us more happiness than we knew we were capable of. Our path, we now realize, was divinely guided and planned better than anything we could have imagined for ourselves. If I have had burdens in my life, she has never been one of them. And any inconveniences that she has created in our lives have been canceled a thousand times by the blessings she has brought to us. She came at the perfect time.

What is your must have baby item?

Ahh, what a hard question. I decided that I'd cheat a little and break it down into "stages":
newborn-3 months: Either a bouncy seat or a a swing. We loved our swing the most. AP would have slept in the the thing all night. Let's be real; some nights she did. She was so content in it. She had a tiny bit of gas/reflux/whatever and the motion of the swing helped her tummy alot!
3-6 months: Baby Einstein Sea Dream Lullaby Soother- this thing helped her go to sleep SO many nights. We used a Sleep Sheep when she was a newborn, because I thought this was a bit too much stimulation. But around three months we started using this and still use it!
6-9 months: Hands down, the Exersaucer. She LOVES and we have to be disciplined not to let her stay in it for ridiculous amounts of time.
9-12 months: Around eight months she started rolling everywhere, like across the room! So, we got this playmat with sides (as if we didn't have enough playmats; I'm embarrassed to tell you how many). It's neat, though, because she really doesn't feel confined the way she does in her Pack N Play, but she is. Of course, when she starts crawling (soon, we think--she's "scooting" now) it will be worthless and we'll have to use the Pack N Play. But a little bit the "Annie Pen" was fabulous and it will be great for the next baby, too (of course, we'll have to rename it). Obviously, I still give her free time to roll around plenty during the day.
Bonus: This is really low tech, and I know I sound like the crunchy momma that I occasionally channel, but one of the best things we've used for AP is a RICE SOCK. I made it myself with, um, rice and a sock. I actually made it because they suggested them in our childbirth class. I don't usually just go all out on projects like that; if I'm going to make something I want it to be cute-yeah, right. I guess I could've gotten a cuter sock, but I just picked the softest one at Target. Anyway, I had an epidural and didn't really need an of the "techniques", so I had a load of crap I didn't need at the hospital. BUT, one night AP was having bad tummy problems. She was crying so hard and I knew it was her stomach, but nothing, even her prescription medicine, was working. For some reason, I thought of the rice sock. I heated it up in the microwave and laid it on her tummy and....MAGIC. It is still so weird to me that we have all these medicines and fancy stuff for babies and the rice sock is what worked. We did that almost every time she was fussy and I think it got to where she associated the smell of the rice and the feel of the sock with letting her little body relax. I shared this with one of my friends who had a baby who was having a really hard time sleeping and was having similar tummy problems and she said it helped her, too. I'm not promising that the thing is a miracle worker or that it will work 100% of the time with everyone, but I'd give it a shot. I was really skeptical at first and surprised by how well it worked!

Also, here is a ridiculously long post I did pretty much describing, evaluating and rating every item of baby gear we had purchased up to that point.

Do you keep a baby book for AP?
Yes, but I haven't been very diligent about keeping it up to date. I'm kind of sporadic and way behind. I need to pick a day and just catch up!

I'm pretty much obsessed with it, and I actually have a post about half way written (from months ago) about the specific baby book I chose and how much I love it.

I will show it to y'all soon. Promise.

I saved one other "baby question" because I felt like I could write an entire post on it. And I rather wanted to do just that.

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Christy said...

Okay...I am a mom of three and I have NEVER seen the play mat with three sides. And I am like you and have way too many play mats and am so freaking excited because I am thinking we need that one. Although it is more for Will's protection from his siblings and so he will stop licking the carpet fuzz like he does on his other mats.

I looked through my yearbook-I had Cindy Melton for Intro to Ed in the spring of 04 and several other times-I think one was Child Development and another was possibly leading up to Student Teaching? I had Dr. Ivy for my Technology for Teachers class in 05 I think it was fall but it may have been spring. I had a ton of Psych classes as well and English classes...