Monday, January 4, 2010

SD's Answers- Part 4 (One More Baby Question)

I had to just write a whole post on this one..

*This whole post is pretty much ridiculous. If you have no interest in what I like to dress Ann Peyton in, skip it. Won't hurt my feelings one bit.*

Where do you like to shop for Ann Peyton?
Um, wow, I could write pages on this one. Aaaand I pretty much have. If you look at my labels (and I realize the number of them is a bit absurd) you will see:
Babykin Boutique: a few posts where I show/talk about super deals I found on things for AP. I don't want to be a snob here, but when I say "super deal" I mean that I paid $15 for a smocked bubble or found a boutique brand dress for $25 or less. I am NOT saying I got a shirt for $1.25 at a garage sale (not that there is a thing wrong with that!). I still need to do one about a fabulous sale I went to before Christmas.
Annie Banani: Fashionista: Annie modeling her wardrobe. I'm going to put up one of her Christmas duds in the next week or so.
Annie's Apparel: More posts of her in my favorite things.
Baby Fashion: Just a catch-all with all this and more (like my "philosophy" on dressing a baby) can be found.

I realize all that seems a bit excessive. And it is. But, I really love cultivating a personal style. And at this point, I get to cultivate Ann Peyton's as well as my own. I have to say I LOVE having a girl....she is like my own personal baby doll. As shallow as it may sound, picking out her clothes is probably on my list of top three hobbies in my life right now. Don't judge me. And I love that I have been able to do it on a budget.

Now that I've been around the world to answer your question, here are some of my favorite places to buy clothes for AP:
Overstock and Sample Sales- FIND OUT if your area does these. Basically, there is NEW, boutique quality stuff at a fraction of the price. Sometimes, it will even be selling for 'cost' (meaning what the boutique/retailer pays to carry it in their store).
Consignment Sales/Stores- these are also great if you don't mind getting things used. I actually got AP's smocked Ole Miss dress at a consignment sale (it looked brand new!) and it is one of my favorite things and one of the things she gets the most compliments on!
eBay- again, if you don't mind used (though, there is often new stuff for sale, too). I have so much love for eBay. It's especially fun to pick a brand you like and save the search and it will send you emails every time a new item is listed. My personal favorite right now is The Bailey Boys.
Etsy- I think handmade things are so cute and I love supporting small businesses. I think it is something we have gotten away from. I've gotten AP tons of shoes and a variety of other things of Etsy.
TJ Maxx and Marshalls- These are my go to places for finding cute baby stuff here in town. I will say they are kind of hit or miss, though. This is where I get a lot of AP's more casual "play clothes" and pajamas.

I have gotten a few cute things at Gymboree, but it's pretty pricey for what it is, I think. I've occasionally had good luck at Old Navy. I love Gap and The Children's Place (this is where you should go if you're looking for footies for a four year old- glad I found it now!) for pajamas. Use your self-control, though, and wait for the pjs at the Gap to go on sale. They will, I promise. And they are so worth it, some of the cutest ones I found. I rarely find much that I like, besides pajamas (they do have really cute jammies) at Target and Walmart. And I hardly ever get things at baby boutiques, unless it is major on sale or just to die for.

I'll be honest, the main trick I've used to stay within a pretty rigid budget and still get the things I love is BUY AHEAD. If I find something on sale (a lot of places are having sales right now) that I like, I'll buy it for next winter. If I love it, I'll buy it for the next winter. If I adore it and it's the only size there, I'll buy it in a 2T. And, I have to say, we've only missed maybe three things so far. It's fun because when she outgrows her clothes, I'm not running around buying stuff I don't really like and "settling" for things just because they fit her. I shop her closet and it's like buying something brand new, but it's something extra special that I bought because I thought it was really cute....cute enough to get a 2T.


Catherine Sledge said...

I love that you call her annie banani. I think that I may have to call her that when I finally get to meet her! PS: apparel. :)

Christy said...

I am obsessed with childrens clothes myself and since I have 3 I can't buy at trunk shows or boutiques anymore :( I am like you and buy on Ebay, consignment shops, and at sample sales-there is a great one in Memphis that I go to twice a year.
unfortunately, I can no longer buy a year ahead for my kiddos :( Laura Grace has been the same size for two years now and Layton is so skinny and tall that he is wearing a 5t in length, but needs a 2t in width so I am having to buy a 5t and get it altered...and he is only 4. Will is off the charts so I don't have a clue what he will be wearing!

But...yeah. Love childrens clothes. Girls are the best to dress, I do think. AP always looks adorable :)