Tuesday, January 5, 2010

SD's Answers- Part 5 (Questions About Our Future)

How many children are you and Peyton planning to have?
Ten or twelve. No, I'm kidding. I would like a (semi) large family. I think four would be ideal. Peyton was one of five and he liked having a bunch of siblings. I would say between three and five. I would be a little sad with only two, but I'd be okay. I could not have an only child, though. Not that I'm judging anyone that chooses that, but I would not do it. My dad was an only child and he always said I had to have a brother or a sister and I'm so glad he did. If for some crazy reason we were not able to have any more children (seems unlikely for Fertile Myrtle, but who knows?) I would want to adopt. We've talked about adopting even if that were not the case.

Is there a time line for having more kids?
Really, I would like Ann Peyton to have a sibling close to her age. Cookie and I were (and are) best friends and although I know that isn't always the case, I think being close in age encourages it. There are other reasons I'd like them to be close, too. I have been thinking about it lately, because she is getting close to a year. There are a lot of thoughts floating around in my head. I'll probably post about them later. Currently, we're in "preventive" mode, but as I've said before, I love a good surprise!

Do you have any names picked out for your future child(ren)?
Well, I like names that are original and unique, for the most part. If the next one is a boy, I like Jackson (my mom's maiden name) and call him "Jack" (I realize that's not super unique-Kennedy, Nicholson, the Ripper) . We've also thought about naming one "Andrew" for one of Peyton's brothers.

For a girl, I'm not as decisive. Since my grandmother (that I adored), my mom, and I are all named "Sarah" I would love a "Sarah something" at some point. I really like family names (and double names); can you tell? I think "Sarah Bea" is cute and I also like "Sarah May". My grandmother's (Sarah, aka Bump) maiden name was Mayfield and my mom almost named me Sarah Mayfield and called me "Saddie May", which I think is precious. Did y'all know "Saddie" (and Sally) are short of Sarah? ALOT of people don't. I'm big on naming the baby the whole name (for example or friends new baby is going by "Hank", but his real name is Henry). Of course, it really doesn't matter; it's just a personal preference. Anyway, I think Saddie May or Sally May would be cute. I also like my great grandmother's name, which is Vada (like in My Girl). And I like Daisy and Lilly, which have no significance.

Will y'all always live in Jackson or do you plan on moving someday?
As far as where we plan to settle permanently, I think it will be around the Jackson area. However, I did promise Peyton before we got married that we would spend a year living in New York City because it was a huge dream of his. We had planned to do it before we had children, but clearly, that wasn't the Lord's plan. I guess I could've tried to back out of my promise, but honestly, I am living my dream right now and I do not want to deny him his. That said, the thought of having a child (or two) in NYC scares me and I am terrified of being that far away from my family (AP and Minnie will be Skyping daily, I can promise you that). Anyway, I plan on going into more detail when I reach #15 in my series of 25 Random Things About Me (I am devoting an entire post to each one).

Is moving to New York something you have a concrete plan/time line for, or is it still just a "someday" dream?
I would say we have a concrete plan for it, but not a concrete time line. Some of it will depend on job openings. Ideally, it would be best if there was a Walgreens position available. So, at some point in the next few years, Peyton will start looking for a job and when one opens we'll move! I would say it's safe to say it will be in the next four to six years. Part of the way the plan changed since our original idea of going before kids is that I will be homeschooling Ann Peyton (and her brother or sister, if she has one by then). We decided this even before I became interested in homeschooling in general. To me it only makes sense. Since we will only be there for a year, I feel like Annie will benefit the most from having the freedom for lots of "field trips" and other new experiences she probably wouldn't get in a traditional classroom.

We have talked about living situations and have come up with our goals as far as finding a place to live:
1. Our first priority is safety. I'm pretty sure NYC is about eleventy billion times safer than lots of places in Jackson, though.
2. Next is convenience- to Peyton's work and to the places we want to visit the most.
3. Last is space. We're not that concerned if we have to squeeze a bit for a year, but it would be nice to have more than one room, if possible, in case we have visitors. We hope we have lots of visitors!

That's about as far as the planning has gone, though!

What's one thing you absolutely must do or see before you die?
Well, as much as I say I am scared of it, New York has become my dream, too. I have to do it now. Truthfully, I'm way more excited about doing it as a "family" than I would have been about doing it as a young married couple (I know we were a family then, too!). So, have to do that.

Honestly, I am DOING the one thing that I wanted to do more than anything in my life- being a wife and mother. It has always been my biggest dream and yet it has far surpassed any and all of my expectations!

Other than that, one thing I would love to do is see Bruce Springsteen in concert. He's pretty much my fave. I saw James Taylor with my dad for my 18th birthday and it was just fantastic. I'd love to see The Boss with Peyton AND my dad. I think I cheated, because I said about three.

I really should make a list of about ten "bucket list" items to do before I die. I love that type of thing and can't believe I haven't done it!

This is kind of random, but related I promise. I just had to tell y'all about something that used to be a future plan. When I was in college, Peyton talked about possibly wanting to be a "traveling pharmacist" (everywhere but California, because you have to get a completely different license to practice there). I told him I thought it would be fun, but why not wait until we had kids and then travel around the country in an RV and homeschool them and show them the Grand Canyon and the Statue of Liberty and the Washington Monument? And sing "This Land Is Your Land". And paint the RV like the Partridge Family bus. Okay, I was kidding about the last part. Kind of. Because if I painted our RV and sang folk songs, Peyton might have to steal some of the drugs. Kidding again! Anyway, my college friends totally made fun of me and thought it was the craziest thing they'd ever heard. And I kind of let it die when I realized we wouldn't be doing New York sans kids. But......Ashley found this adorable blog about this family who is doing just that! I am so excited about living vicariously through them this year! I pretty much screamed in her ear when I called her to tell her that they had stolen my idea. Just a sidenote: these people are not your typical homeschool looking people-- Momma looks like Barbie in her RV!


Christy said...

I love that idea about traveling in an RV as well-Lisa Whelchel did it as well :) She wrote So You Are Thinking About Homeschooling and Creative Correction among other books...

I also want to go to NYC. Clay wanted to live there as well or Washington D.C. before kids but then, like ya'll, LG came WAY before planned :)

Sarah Broadus said...

i love the name sarah =) but you know I am a bit bias! I am a Sarah Elizabeth but my daddy always has called me Sally

Allison said...

so i've been attempting to catch up with your blog since i've been mia for the last 2 weeks. i'm curious, though, about one thing that i couldn't find anywhere (and maybe i missed it). what did y'all decide about santa?

i LOVE the rv idea. can you imagine if you had've had that as a kid? amazing. i have a hard time imagining you living in nyc, but i'd love to see you hauling around a couple of kids in the city. ha. what a great goal!

Carrie said...

You better at least have room for the Howie family to come stay with you for about a month in NYC! :)