Friday, January 29, 2010

Show Us Your Life- Fashion Tips


Okay, I am very much an amateur fashionista, but here are my tips....

1. Cultivate a personal style

I used to be that girl who wore a jeans, flip flops, and a solid tee (sometimes I mixed it up and wore a v-neck) EVERY day. That is a look some people love. More power to them. But I wanted to wear things that were a little more unique than that, nothing too terribly risky, but just different. I wanted a style that was "me". As much as I love Kelly's, Angie's, and Stephanie's blog for their content, there is a part of me (however shallow it may be) that really loves it when they post pictures of themselves because I think they each have wonderful (though very different) personal styles.

2. Think outside the box

- Be willing to use an item for something other than it's intended purpose- you can see from my post last week that I sometimes use the term "dress" very loosely. Last summer I also took a little creative license with my baby's wardrobe, too. It worked.
- Another example is when I was pregnant. I really would have liked some cute maternity dresses, but we have limited options in Jackson. I didn't want to pay the prices at the high end store and I couldn't find much that didn't look cheap and sleazy at other places. Even Target pretty much failed me. Sooo.....for awhile I just went up a size or two and wore loose fitting clothes- "baby doll" tops and dresses with an empire waist worked so well! For church, I had one more strategy. I bought a coat that was not maternity but was cute, on sale, and *very* rooomy. I wore the same (not very cute) dress under it for a month and nobody knew (because it's not weird to wear the same coat four Sundays in a row!). Obviously, this only works if you are cold- natured and the higher ups at your church cater to the needs of men in coats and ties and keep it freezing even in the winter. But I think it serves as an example of thinking outside the box.

3. Be creative
My mom used to get pretty little fake flowers from places like Hobby Lobby and make them into the most beautiful barrettes when we were teenagers. One of my best friends has done something similar with feathers- I secretly think she "retired" from her painting business to start up a booming career in the field of hair accessories. Shhh....don't tell her I said that. I have another friend that used to make and sell her own jewelry- it was gorgeous! That is why I am going to learn to sew this year- I think it will be such a fun creative expression and it will be neat to actually "design" Ann Peyton's clothing.

4. Okay, I almost didn't put this because it is in every magazine and has been said on "Good Morning America" at least once every season. BUT, it's worth saying. Buy some things that can be dressed up or down. It will be like buying two items. Jeans are a good example. The right jeans can look *really* dressy with some boots or heels and a cute, stylish top but also look casual if you pair them with flats and a sweater. Jewelry and accessories can change an outfit. I'm not kidding when I say this concept is probably touched in every issue of every major fashion magazine. But it's such a useful strategy. Just don't go saying I told you to wear a camo head wrap with your pumps and trouser jeans, okay?

Okay that's all for me! Can't wait to see everyone's tips!


Bernie said...

I also agree that it is important to think outside the box.



Kingdom Mama said...

Ooof...I used to have so many ideas about fashion. Now I'm pretty hooked on cute pjs that I can wear all day. Ha!:)

We're linking up again on Monday for another round of bold blogging. Hope you'll join us:)