Monday, January 11, 2010

Weekly Happening Post #43 (January 4-10)

The natural look, again- I kind of look like my day (Sunday)

Monday was Peyton's day off and so Monday morning we meant to go to Stewpot (our church was helping out with the pantry there every morning last week). But I woke up SO congested and with a terrible sinus headache. I was so sure I had kicked my sinus infection (I know y'all are sick of hearing about it), so maybe it's just your typical rainy day sinus grossness. I have been thinking maybe I should get back on the prescription sinus medicine I used to take, but I'm not sure it really worked, anyway. I was sick a few weeks in the fall and now a few weeks in the winter, and for me, that isn't that much. So, probably not. We'll see.

Anyway, we ended up just having a lazy morning and then we ran errands in the afternoon- to the bank, grocery store, and to Hobby Lobby to get something for Ann Peyton's room (I'm going to call her by her real name more on the blog; I think it's so pretty and someone informed me that I hardly ever do anymore). While at Hobby Lobby, I noticed they had a PLETHORA of adorable fabrics. I am so excited about learning to sew! I think I'm going to take the classes that start in February. When we got home we ate Sloppy Joes and put up Christmas stuff (which is still not in the attic- I know insane!) and watched a movie (Food, Inc.) about where your food comes from--as in the animals--it was gross, but informative. I'm going to stop saying I'm going to do a movie review and just do one; I have like twenty movies I want to review. Maybe this week, since I'm staying away from the introspective posts for a bit.

Tuesday morning, we started back up with the whole Mother's Morning Out gig. It was early, but fun. We met Peyton at home and ran up to the hospital to meet AP's future boyfriend, Hank, and congratulate our sweet friends, Patrick and Haley. After that, Peyton had to go to work. I came home and cleaned the kitchen and vacuumed (just the living room- ha!) and made a really great (I'm kidding) salad for Peyton's dad's b-day. AP and I went over to Peyton's sister's house Tuesday night for his dad's birthday, even though Peyton was working. We stayed a lot longer than expected and Peyton's dad was so sweet and appreciative of me coming without Peyton. We stopped by my parent's house on the way home. I was exhausted by the end of the day!

On Wednesday morning we actually did go to Stewpot. My mom kept AP and it was actually pretty fun. I'm glad I was able to start working on one of my resolutions by serving others in our community. I had gotten Peyton to come pick me up from my parents' house on Tuesday (it's less than five minutes from his store) so we woudln't have to bring separate cars Wednesday morning, since he'd have to go to work after Stewpot. Well when we got back, it turned out he needed to go home and I wanted to stay at my parents' house for a while. So he drove home and then realized that I had our house keys! He came back to get them and I decided AP and I would just go on home, too (should've just met him at home, but that would've been too easy). When I got home I washed Annie's sheets and the cushion slipcovers on our couch and cleaned out her baby bathtub (somebody left water in there and there was some gross mildew stuff in it).

I had kind of hoped MMO would be cancelled on Thursday for snow. I do LOVE it once I get there, but gosh, have I said it's early? Anyway, no such luck. After it was over, AP and I met Carrie (sans Aubrey) and Ashley and Evy. They keep showing up to these lunchs without their babies....crazy moms! I'm just kidding, Aubrey was a little under the weather so she was hanging out with her grandmother. Thursday night, Peyton went over to his brother, Andrew's house after work and so I ate dinner with my parents. My dad told me to "bring enough stuff to spend the night in case the weather gets bad". Um, no. I was not packing for me and Ann Peyton to spend the night. People in the south just loose their mind over weather, sometimes!

On Friday, we had our appointment with Dr. Denney and then I went to a writer's meeting (hahaha). Friday night we had Red Beans and Rice at my parents' and Ellis came. We had so much fun laughing and talking, but Ann Peyton HOWLED when she saw him. It was hilarious.

Saturday morning and afternoon I did a bunch of laundry and some other stuff around the house. Ann Peyton was so good; she took a really long nap.
I love to sneak in and peak at her!

Then on Saturday evening, Ashley and Carrie and I (the momtourage-haha) went to see Leap Year and then went to eat at Bravo!, an amazing Italian restaurant here in Jackson. Okay, so the movie was super cute and funny. But the dinner? the conversation? the lack of puffs? A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. We never do this kind of thing and it was so refreshing. I think we all three thought somebody had bought us a ticket to the moon we were so ecstatic. We probably giggled like highschoolers the entire night. Shout out to hubbykins (and my mom who kept Annie before Peyton got off work) for being so sweet. Peyton actually had to meet us at Ashley's house between the movie and dinner because crazy mommy here had forgotten to leave the carrier part of the car seat at my parents' house.

Sunday was just one of those days. We woke up late and Peyton hates to be late, and so we skipped early church and Ann Peyton and I just went without him to the late service. I end up getting there late for that one, too (I forgot AP would need to eat again until it was right at time to go). At least there was a close parking place, last time I had to haul her in her carrier across the parking lot (we always bring it into church; she does better in it) in pumps I about died.

When we got home AP was SO cranky....really unusual for her. And I got kind of emotional because it really hit me that if I had been eating better, we probably wouldn't have had to do the formula at all. I know I said I was okay about it and that it was more about a stupid goal than anything else, but it still really stung realizes that I was (possibly) responsible for it. I guess I had just been chalking it up to it being a problem she had and thinking it would be a problem regardless of what I ate. And then I started thinking if only I had given myself two more weeks, I could've gained like ten pounds (ha!).......I know it's pointless. And stupid. But it's what I do. So, I called my mom. And she made it worse. Which is so unlike what usually happens.

And then I got home and started to do some laundry. And there was kitty poop all over the laundry room. Or kitty throwup (Peyton said it was throwup; he saw it this morning, but didn't even give me a heads up). Either way, there was kitty excrement all. over. everything.

The day slowly got better. I made up with my mom. And when Peyton got home we had a fun time just being goofy and relaxing.
I had my head inside the "Annie pen" trying to keep her from fussy and Peyton insisted I crawl all the way inside it (it kinda reminded me of the time my college friends put me in a suitcase and rolled me up and down the halls of our dorm, haha!)

He made eggs, bacon, and biscuits for supper and I feel asleep by him on the couch at like 9:00!!!


Rachel said...

I haven't read your blog in almost a week (I've been so busy) and I forgot how much I LOVE your weekly happenings posts! I think they are so entertaining! keep it up because I really enjoy reading. :)

Have a great week!!

Christy said...

I really like these :) I may steal your idea!