Monday, January 4, 2010

Weekly Happenings Post #42 (December 28-January 3)

This week was nice an relaxing. We didn't have much going on and I gave myself a few "off" days. I'm glad I did. It was nice to just enjoy the holidays and not push myself to accomplish a ton. I don't know why I thought that having eight extra hours added to my week (from not having Mother's Morning Out) would make a huge difference and I would tackle a ton of projects. Didn't happen. But like I said, I'm okay with that. It was great to enjoy my family and RELAX!

That said, I am going to be glad to be getting back to a routine. I've said it before, but as organized as I consider myself, I *really* struggle with managing my time. And for some reason, when we have MMO on Tuesdays and Thursdays those little four hour blocks become something I can build the rest of my schedule around. I feel like that makes no sense!

However, I have accomplished one of the things I set out to do over the holidays (I didn't get to about five of the items on that list). I managed to keep AP's schedule pretty consistent and I have actually gotten her on a more regular naptime/bedtime routine (it's still VERY flexible). I hope we can keep it up once things pick up!

One more thing. Blogging is definitely one of my favorite things to do and I spend a lot of my free time doing it. I don't feel like I owe anyone an explanation. But I wanted to put it out there. I know I wrote a TON of posts last week. A lot of them were kind of "time sensitive"; i.e. I don't want to be recapping our Christmas in March. I guess I just want y'all to know that almost twenty posts in one week is not going to be my usual. I think I'm trying to justify it to myself, too. Ha!

Anyway, here we go with the week's events:

On Monday, I did some errands. I ran to the grocery store and then to SeeSaws, a little children's boutique down Lakeland for an after Christmas sale. It was slightly picked over. Monday night, we had Cookie and her boyfriend over to our house for dinner. I really do want to be that girl who can entertain at her home (my mom is the quintessential example of her). But, I get super nervous about my cooking. I mean I cook supper twice a week and they are pretty much the same five or six recipes. So, how am I supposed to practice? Ha! I'm working on it....I cooked something new last night, actually! Anyway, they seemed to enjoy the Poppyseed Chicken I made (we had broccoli, rolls, salad, and brownies, with it). And they stayed and visited for a good while! I had so much fun hanging out with Cookie and getting to know Conrad a little better!

Ann Peyton woke up pretty much every hour Monday night just to say "Please give me my paci and my Flopsy and turn on my aquarium and I'll go back to bed." She's never done it before and hasn't done it since. Not really sure about that.
She was SO tired the next day. Also pictured, Flopsy. In case you were wondering.

On Tuesday Peyton and I went to Batte to try to finally finish up using or bridal credit. We got some cute napkins and Peyton got some "guy stuff"- a money clip and a magnifying glass for his desk. Peyton had to go to work so Annie and I went to Sweet Dreams (another sale!). It was the first time Ann Peyton has ever had a meltdown in a store. Of course, it had to be at the upscale baby shop that I hardly frequent, not Target or the grocery store! Anyway, I tried to calm her down, but we ended up leaving pretty abruptly. She was just hungry and needed a nap. I spent most of the afternoon organizing and putting up AP's Christmas presents. Like I said, I should not have worried she wouldn't get enough. When Peyton got home from work he went straight to bed, he felt so bad. He had a sinus headache and of course, I could totally feel his pain. I got out my bag of sinus sprays and B.C. Powder (it's SO nasty, but it works better than anything!) and doctored him up.

Wednesday was pretty relaxed. Peyton was feeling better and had to work Wednesday morning. I started taking down our Christmas decorations. I got the tree finished and when Peyton got home we went and visited our friends, Patrick and Haley. We just brought Chick-Fil-A to their house; it was so laid back. I was excited to see Hank's nursery; it's ready just in time, he could come any day now! And they had the most adorable Christmas present for Ann Peyton. Guess what? A BOOK!

Thursday was New Year's Eve and Peyton had to work. We didn't do much. We did watch a cute movie and have some fun family time.

After that, Peyton ended up going and visiting one of his brothers. I watched some old dvr'd episodes of the new 90210- it's a fave. Peyton got back before midnight, per my request, but I feel asleep at about 11:30, anyway. I was so bummed the next morning! Oh, well.

Friday was New Year's Day and I did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. It was really nice. Peyton got off early and so we went by his parents' house before heading to Mickey and Minnie's for Beans and Rice. We had some great conversations with Peyton's mom and dad about their family's history. I LOVE history, so that kind of thing fascinates me! One set of Peyton's great grandparents on his mom's side came over from Austria (that is where the diamond in my ring came from-- how could I have forgotten to put that in my story about our engagement??) and one set of great grandparents on his Dad's side were sharecroppers and had twelve children!
These are pretty much AP's favorite Christmas presents!

On Saturday, Peyton went to watch the Cotton Bowl with his brothers and I dragged my Mom back to Sweet Dreams. AP ended up with two new outfits (one for the spring and one for next winter). I came home and did some much needed cleaning/tidying around the house and then went back to my parents to see Cookie and Conrad (they spent New Year's Eve in Miami with Phish). I got to hear all the concert stories (kinda jealous) and we had a great dinner of steak and potatoes.
"Mommy, please, it's my nine month birthday....let me rest!"

Also, I heard the best quote of 2010 yet. Cookie: "Garden Vegetable Medley smells like a hamster cage". First of all, I need to say that Cookie is very familiar with hamster smells; we had multiple hamsters as children, and we liked to carry them in our neon blue fanny pack. Second of all, I really feel like there is no need to apply to nursing school or to take an aptitude test to find out if she should really be a nurse. She should go work for Gerber. Clearly, they could use her input!

Sunday was actually the busiest day last week. We went to Sunday School for the first time in forever (we joined a new class that is just starting) and the teacher wasn't there, so most people just visited other classes or something, I guess (we were late and there was no one there). Sad. Peyton and I just decided to visit with each other a bit, since AP was already chillin' in the nursery. And it was really nice! We went to the late service and then came home and I made us grilled cheeses. Sunday afternoon we ran some errands (Target, Babies R Us, Gap, and The Children's Place) and then went back for evening church. It was a special service for the new year, a John Wesley Renewal Service. We read some things by Wesley and made our own covenant with God for the new year. There was no nursery and AP had a bad diaper, so I made my covenant downstairs. When we got home I cooked a Ham and Potato casserole- the new recipe I was talking about. It was okay, but nowhere near the Poppyseed Chicken and Ham and Grits Quiche from the same cookbook. Still, I was proud of myself. Cooking lunch and dinner for my family is a record for me! Peyton went to the grocery store to pick up a few things for the week and I went to bed early.
Had to break it out one more time to celebrate our victory!

Like I said, I'm sad the holidays are over, but I'm ready to get back to our old routine!


Alison said...

That is so weird that we both had conversations with our in-laws on Friday about their history! I posted about ours...

Also - what are the 5-6 recipes that you always cook? I need some new ideas!

Christy said...

can I have your recipe for those ham casseroles? I have fifty tons of ham that I need to find ways to cook!

Carrie said...

I'm pretty sure I probably cooked that same casserole that same week. We like it. It's not like our FAVORITE meal or anything, but it's a good way to use up leftover ham :)