Sunday, January 17, 2010

Weekly Happenings Post #44 (January 11-17)

Seriously, for someone who really LOVES clothes, it's starting to look like all I ever wear is a t-shirt!

This week was really relaxed and nice. I have to admit, though, I am baffled by how much I do NOT get done on weeks like this. It really upset me yesterday. I was so disappointed that my house is rarely ever "picked up", I feel a real sense of achievement if Peyton gets more than two home cooked meals a week, and I am just now finishing up thank-you notes for Christmas presents.

The worst part though, is with Ann Peyton. I think I am going to just write a whole post about it later in the week (yes, we're back to the introspective posts- if you don't like them feel free to skip; it can be a downer to watch me overthink everything). When you stay home full time it is different from any other job in that you motivation is almost entirely internal (I mean aside from a screaming baby/husband (kidding, kidding!). Anyway, I don't want to sound like I lay on the couch eating BonBons all day or that AP's basic needs aren't being met, I just think I need to spend more time focusing on her. Anyway, here is what we did this week......

On Monday we went up to the church because it was my day to do the pew pads and pencils (just make sure they are neat/sharp for the upcoming week). After that we went over to see my friend, Morgan's house. We had fun visiting with her and her little girl, Mary Milton, for over two hours! I have just got to get a picture of AP and MM (the most recent one is from MONTHS ago). That was really the main events of the day.

Tuesday we had Mother's Morning Out, of course. I packed up some Christmas dishes in the kitchen and then we finally took all the Christmas stuff to the attic (embarrassing!). We went over to Peyton's parents for a visit that night.

On Wednesday we had lunch with Ashley and Evy and Carrie and Aubrey. I hadn't seen Aubrey in like a month so it was pretty fun to get to see her sweet face (and hold her!). She's looking more and more like a big sister every day! We came home and I did a TON of laundry and ironing. Dr. Denney told us that it's time to start introducing table foods, so Ann Peyton had a little snack of butter beans and (tiny bits of) ham. Carrie told me that you could give the baby egg yolks around nine months and then made so much fun of me because I didn't know how to get the yolk out of the egg ("Um, SD, lots of recipes call for that." "Um, Carrie, do I use lots of recipes?"). She did tell me a couple of techniques like swishing it back and forth between the halves of the cracked shell. It's fairly humorous, because like three of the five things I'm proficient at cooking came from the cookbook she told me to get. Anyway, the best part is that later I found not one, but two, devices that separate eggs in a kitchen drawer. Yeah, I registered for things that "looked fun". Don't judge. This was also the day I found out that they lost (they have found them now and put a rush) the vials of Annie's blood that they drew last week. I was slightly miffed (as in, raging pissed) that they might have to draw it again. On Wednesday night I went to a Bible study on parenting; this was the first meeting and I think it is going to be pretty good!

Thursday was a big day. One of the other girls that works at MMO had a sick baby so AP and I helped out in the "big kid" (two year old) room. Not only that, but we ended up staying until 2:00, instead of our regular 11:30. I told Ms. Darlene I could, but I would have to a) nurse AP- I usually bring a bottle for the morning and b) get both of us lunch (baby food for her, meatball sub from Subway for me). She said that was fine, of course. I'm not sure who was more wiped out by the end of it. AP is just a baby that requires a lot of sleep and she hadn't gotten more than an hour or so of a nap when we left so she was one fussy girl! We came home and both took a nice long nap!

On Friday, we went shopping with my mom. I think this is probably the longest I've gone without seeing her since my honeymoon (Saturday to Friday), haha! She was convinced AP had doubled in size since she saw her! We went to two new (to me) consignment shops in Brandon and we RACKED UP! I got AP some great stuff, the best being a first birthday outfit and a walker that was around $15. Exciting! After that, we came home and I did some stuff around the house and then we went to eat Beans and Rice (Peyton was working a double).

Speaking of AP getting bigger, it's probably best if you stop using the Bouncy Seat by 9.5 months, regardless of your child's weight!

Saturday we stayed home all day. Peyton was working and I just got kind of in a funk. It's really hard for me now to be at home by myself all day long. Anyway, it was a nice relaxing day, but I didn't get much done (I did wash our sheets, ha!).

Today (Sunday) we went to church. We brought a bottle to give to Ann Peyton between Sunday School and church and smart momma here forgot the nipple. She did really good drinking out of one of those disposable sippy cups, though! When we got home Peyton made us a big breakfast (even though it was noon) and we just relaxed. Peyton and Annie both took nice long naps and I goofed off and cleaned/organized the laundry room. It was a good Sunday.

Peyton loves his new cowboy slippies that he ordered himself....great for a relaxing day like today!

Next week I'm really going to try to be intentional about three of my resolutions- spending quality time with the Lord, with Peyton, and with Annie. And also, try to accomplish a little more when I am home.

Okay, one last thing. A family at my church is dealing with loosing a child for the second time; I cannot imagine their pain- please be in prayer for them. Also, I am *really* hoping to find out the results of AP's blood test from over a week ago. So, keep us in your prayers about that, too!


Christy said...

I would throw the biggest fit over the blood! I can't believe that!

I love reading these, I know I say that every week, but I really do. Carrie said on my weekly review that it is because she is nosy and I am totally the same way. I like being up in everyone's business. HA!

Don't beat yourself up over your house and AP!

Tiffany said...

OK, the egg yokes made me laugh out loud! Too funny! Hope y'all have a wonderful week! ~Blessings!