Sunday, January 24, 2010

Weekly Happenings Post #45 (January 18-24)

***Friends, skim. I apologize in advance for the dissertation that is this my Weekly Happenings post. ***

Well, first of all the theme from this week was "Ann Peyton's parents are so blessed by their parents who provide amazing babysitting services whenever requested". Um, yeah, we had a lot going on this week that seemed to necessitate child care. Alot, alot. We are so thankful for our parents and so fortunate that we live in the same town (basically) as both sets of them!

Also, I will say that I feel a lot better since last week. Annie was struggling with a little fever (I think it's finally her teeth maybe) toward the end of the week and I really felt like she needed me in a way that she usually doesn't. I also got a lot done around the house, not huge projects or anything, but generally a productive week. That said, I still think I am going to publish the pensive post that is half finished right now, because it is representative of something I have struggled with and will continue to struggle with in the future, I'm sure. Anyway....I know you're dying to hear what happened this week...

Monday was pretty rough. Actually, it was awful. I thought the whole week was pretty much ruined. Monday morning was the funeral for a little boy at our church. I mentioned him before on the blog. The situation is so sad and is compounded by the fact that this is the second child that his mother has lost to death. He had a heart condition that he was born with (he was only a few months old) and was waiting for a heart transplant. I know in my heart that he has been healed, just not in this world, but now as a mother, the thought of loosing a child is just about the most horrific thing I can imagine. My mom kept Ann Peyton so that Peyton and I could both go. He was one of the only men there. I know I whine about his schedule, but there are times like this where it actually works out great for him to be off on a week day instead of a weekend; the service was so much more bearable with him there. When we got home, I ran to Target and the grocery store (I'm such a baby and I usually try to go when Peyton's home, so he can keep AP, even though she is really no trouble; I guess I just hate "hauling" her). Monday night I had a terrible headache (probably from crying all day), but we went to Peyton's parents' house for a little visit.

Tuesday was interesting. When we got to the church at 7:45 for Mother's Morning Out the doors were locked. "I know I didn't forget a holiday", I thought. Nope, the Subway a block from the church got robbed. Come on....if you don't have the guts to rob a bank, at least rob a gas station. The Subway? at 7:30 in the morning? This is all in downtown Brandon, so it's very unusual. Anyway, about half the parents just took their kids straight back home. I usually get the babies to sleep in the nursery and then just go across the hall into the "big kids" room and help them out. But, I just didn't feel comfortable so AP stayed with me when I went to help in the other room- she missed her morning nap and was a total fuss pot the rest of the day. Seriously, I think she's a narcoleptic....she still requires so much sleep. NOT COMPLAINING. Anyway, we tried to do a little shopping and I did manage to go to one place- a little consignment store near us. I found an outfit that is identical to one AP had this Christmas for like $2 in an 18 mo. so I got that, but that was the only thing! She was getting really cranky, so we went on home and I did laundry and then fixed spaghetti for supper.

Wednesday morning we had a meeting with our financial people to talk about this year's goals. One of them is making a will, which includes what we do with AP, so we've been talking alot about that this week. Peyton's mom kept Ann Peyton and she was so sweet and told us to go on to lunch afterward. We tried to go to Primos, but it was WAY to crowed (we did get dessert, though!), so we just grabbed some Subway. I had my usual, a meatball sub, and it was awful. One bad bite can just ruin the whole sandwich....and the whole restaurant, for awhile. When we got home, Peyton went to work and I went through AP's closet and got everything that is less than 12 mos. out! Wednesday night AP and I had dinner at a Greek restaurant in Madison with my college friends, Logan and Amanda, and then went back to their apartment to check it out. I hadn't seen it since they finished decorating.

AP let me know she needed to go to bed so we headed out. The fog right before we got on the Spillway (a dam leading across some water to my house) was AWFUL- I couldn't see two feet in front of my face. So, we did the sensible thing. What else? Turned around and went over to my parents (less than five minutes from where we were) and called Peyton to pick us up when he got off at 10:00. Yeah, the little narc loved that.

On Thursday, we had MMO again.

Wesley took a picture of the girls, because they were "matching" in their Kissy Kissy outfits. Ella Kate's was a gift. Ours came from the TJ. Ha!

Afterward, I went Target to get AP a booster seat (we're going to leave it at my parents and use it on trips. (My dad was going to go buy a full sized high chair. Ha, we haven't moved in yet, Mick!). I also went by the Gap because they were having a great sale of kid's stuff. I found some great pj's. I love Gap pjs but they aren't cheap (I mean they aren't Hanna Anderrson, but they are like over $20, so "not cheap" in my book). I'm probably the only mom to buy ahead pajamas. Oh well. We took Peyton to get his car and I "deep cleaned" the walker and another big used toy I got Annie last week at the consignment store. I mean I scrubbed them with hot, soapy water. Then I Clorox Wiped them. Then I Lysoled them. I still haven't gotten the clothes I got her washed.

Friday was really eventful. I got my hair cut while Peyton kept Ann Peyton and I don't know...I'm warming up to it. The thing is called the "Sahag"- yes, my hair has a name and it's a little bit choppy/severe. I described it this way to Peyton and he said he expected Kate Gosselin to walk in the door. Um, no....I would have been in tears. If you look at the family pic, there is nothing severe or dramatic about it. It screams "mom hair". I am a drama queen. (Sidenote: I finally really watched the poofing video, took notes, and attempted. Anything so that my flat, oily hair doesn't look "sucked by the cat" as my mom says. I long for volume and body.) The hair cut took longer than expected and I was a little late meeting the girls for lunch (after texting them: "Nobody make fun of my hair". Drama. Queen.) I can't believe Carrie didn't mention it in her post, but the highlight of the entire thing was when Carrie got out her can opener to open some peaches for Aubrey. Carrie is so cute and one of those people that seems like she has all the right things in her diaper bag and none of the wrong ones. I'm the type that would carry a can opener for in my purse for weeks and have to borrow a diaper from a stranger. And it was like, the most ghetto thing ever. Maybe being a mom to two is just doing her in ;).

After lunch, we headed directly over to my mom's to run some errands. We took my grandmother's ring that I got for Christmas to be resized and picked up some dry cleaning for my mom. Then we went to two more consignment places- Leap Frog and Kid's Kloset. I got some great stuff, including this chair for AP's birthday. I am going to put it where her Bouncy Seat was; because (almost) ten months is too old for a Bouncy!

Peyton told me it was a wise investment (he was really a little miffed, even though I payed about half of what these retail for) because Darth loved it!

When we got back to my mom's house (where my car was), she offered to keep AP for a bit while I ran to Target (again....I know, three times!) and went home and did a few things, since we were going to be back in a few hours for Beans and Rice. Of course, I took her up on it. Peyton met us after work for Beans and then we went home.

Someone is enjoying the new Snack and Scribble booster...

Saturday was pretty laid back. Annie and I ran one errand, to SeeSaws, and other than that we stayed home all day. I came up with a theme and pretty much planned AP's entire first birthday party. Saturday night we went to something called "Suppers of Eight" that our church has started. It's basically eight people from the church that probably don't know each other well and are assigned to a group for a few months to get to know each other better. Pretty much supper club, but with people you don't really know! It was neat getting to know people we aren't that close to a little better! A different person hosts it each month. Next month is our turn- it will be my first time to "entertain" for anyone that's not family or close friends. I'm a little nervous!

This is how we found her. My mom is a softie and she cried when she put her in the Pack N Play. So, she just let her roll all over until she fell asleep from sheer exhaustion!

Today (Sunday) was, well, another interesting one. Peyton slept to late to go to early church, so AP and I were just going to go. As I was getting her ready, Peyton notices something "suspicious'' on our bed. Turns out it was pen worms from where The General had been sitting. I immediately moved AP and Peyton stripped the bed. I continued on with getting ready and planned to wash the bedding later. Peyton told me to try to stay in the study and AP's room (rooms the cats don't go in) once we got home for the afternoon and went on to work. We headed to church. Well, once we got there, I was wiping her face off and I noticed something that looked just like the worms. I'm still not sure if it was or not. Y'all.....I cannot describe the combined feelings of disgust and fear at seeing what may or may not be a parasitic organism that originated in the back end of your cat on your child's FACE. Okay, actually I think it originated in his intestine and....well, you get it. I've been descriptive enough with all this.

I called Peyton and he said not to go to church to go home and give her a bath and be sure to stay in those to rooms and to use the little bulb thing that they gave us when she was born to see if I could suck anything out of her nose. We went home for about ten minutes to get some stuff and then went to my parents' house for the day. We stopped by Peyton's store for a "drive by Annie viewing" and I remembered I had left the bulb. He got me one and we went to my parents' house. AP had a bath, as well as a n@ked photo shoot in some tulle (I spelled it that way to deter google creepers.....paranoid much?).

I also wrote some thank you notes, went through receipts, took out the bassinet in the Pack N Play at their house (ten month olds don't need bassinets, either), wrapped a wedding present and sewed on a button (with my mom's help). A really productive day and I had been so worried about not being home to get anything done! Peyton vacuumed when he got home and then we headed back this way. We had a nice relaxing night and are ready to start the new week.

Whew! I'm sorry that was so long; it was a very interesting week!


The Niemeyer Nest said...

Pictures are precious - I love the tulle!

Christy said...

I think I would have fallen over dead at the worm thing-and then came back and burned my house down just to start over!! We had something similar happen when we had a cat and I about had a nervous breakdown :)

That is sad about the funeral!!

Sarah Broadus said...

besides kids klosets what are you consignment shops??? We have one and a half in Clinton. Freckles which I love but right now they are in between seasons and peppy and posh which is boutique and consignment but I really want some new ones to shop at!! So please share!

Carrie said...

You just HAD to tell the blog world how redneck I am... haha.

Um, the cat thing... gross. I knew there was a reason why we only have an outdoor dog :)