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Weekly Happenings Post #46 (January 25-31)

The theme for this week was "so sick"- well, we weren't really that sick, but all three of us had colds/sinus infections/general yuckiness. I've about decided since every week has been having a theme I may have to go back to naming the posts. I don't know, though, I am so OCD that if I did that I'd probably have to go back and name all the ones I've done since I stopped titling them the first time. We'll see.....

Monday was a pretty good, albeit uneventful, day. Ann Peyton and I stayed home all day and straightened the house and did laundry. Sometimes, it is just so good to have a full day at home! I actually watched The View, a simple pleasure that I haven't found time in ages (I really wish I could make myself get up early enough for The Today Show or GMA, but that hasn't happened in quite some time- probably since this time last year when I was pregnant and was a part time nanny for a little boy). Peyton came home from work because he was all congested and feeling horrible. I brought him soup in bed and we just had a relaxing afternoon. Then I realized that one of Ann Peyton's shoes that had been mine and Cookie's was missing. I got a little emotional

Tuesday pretty much made up for Monday with it's business. AP and I went to Mother's Morning Out and then since it was Peyton's day off we ran lots of errands that afternoon. We went to Target and Lowes to pick up a few things and then stopped by Jimmy Lyle to pick out some flooring (yay for hardwood floors!). After that we headed to the jeweler's to pick up the ring up a ring that my mom gave me for Christmas (it belonged to my grandmother so it is SO special) that had to be resized.
After that, we dropped by Helen's Young Ages to get some new shoes. Peyton and AP waited in the car and I found two pairs that looked similar to the lost one, but I couldn't make a decision (I am SO indecisive) so I called them to come in. I was surprised because Peyton picked the more expensive pair. He said he really did like the look of them better but it was also because they were made in Peru (the others were from China)- so there was more chance they were made in conditions where ethical labor practices exist. Another item on my husband's "agenda"- fair trade in the realm of baby clothes/accessories. The box did appear very "hand made" so Peyton thought there was a good chance they weren't mass produced- another good sign. [Sidenote: he also wanted the people at Jimmy Lyle to try to get us the wood for our floors that was the most environmentally friendly. I mean, duh.] I really wanted to stay and browse a bit, but we were on a pretty tight schedule. We dropped something off at Peyton's sisters and then went by his parents' house. (I had a pretty bad sinus headache at this point.) After that I made Peyton take me by Leap Frog, one of the consignment stores I like to look for something I saw on the sale rack outside last week [Sarah, I'm going to do a "consignment post" soon, so I'll let you know all my faves]. I was pretty sure it would be closed, because it closes really early, but when I got there the lights were still on and the racks were still out, but you could tell they weren't "open for business". Well, I got out and looked anyway. I had found the item and decided against coming back the next day to get it and....the lady came out to see what I was doing. Embarrassing. I told Peyton I was sure she thought I was going to steal something. "Not when you were there for like, twenty minutes". Um, yeah. We then went by Bops for Peyton and Krispie Kreme for me and dropped by my parents' house and then headed home. My head was about to explode and I went straight to sleep.

On Wednesday, I stayed home and did stuff around the house. A guy came to measure the floor- the estimate came back and was way more than what they initially told us it would be. When Peyton got off work, I went back to Helen's to finish my browsing. Boy was I glad I did, because I found all three of us matching PJs for next Christmas and it was under $40 (they are having 75% off Christmas stuff)!!! After that I went to my Bible study on parenting. It was good. We talked alot about grandparents and made me REALLY thankful for mine! Also, I cleaned my house on Wednesday and I found the lost shoe.
I decided to keep the new ones, anyway. They are bigger and obviously in better shape; although I still love my little ones!

Thursday morning when I woke up my throat was SO raw and Annie was coughing pretty hard (she had a little runny nose and cough earlier in the week, but we had just been giving her Benadryl). I called in and said I didn't think we'd be coming to MMO. I also made AP a doctor's appointment- we got the only one left, the last one of the day at 4:15 (which was really closer to five by the time we got in). We just stayed home and did laundry and relaxed in our pjs. I felt so "yuck", too. Peyton got off work just before four, so he went with us to the doctor. Annie had a cold and cough (it wasn't in her chest, though) and a double ear infection. Peyton told Dr. Denney that he didn't ever want him to feel like we were bringing her in just to get an antibiotic and please not to give her one if she didn't need it. Dr. Denney said "Oh, she needs one, she has pus behind her ears". Peyton told him he just meant in general and Dr. Denney said he was going to treat her like his own baby and that he had taken an oath to "do no harm". I immediately explained that Peyton never thought we would give her something that would hurt her, he has just seen antibiotics over-prescribed (I don't even go to the doctor for my sinus infections anymore, because they are mostly viral and there's really nothing they can do) and he didn't want him to feel like we we expecting medicine every time we brought her in. He said he understood and that he tells parents who want antibiotics for every sniffle they may need to find a new doctor. Ha...I think he and Peyton get along nicely! On they way home we went by the pharmacy and the grocery store. I was set to cook some fabulous fish for dinner, but Peyton wanted french fries and corndogs. Haha! That was fine with me, unlike a certain friend of mine, I am the queen of the frozen foods section and no frozen processed beef dog is below me.

On Friday, I had lunch with Carrie and Aubrey and Ashley and Evy. My sister was home from Ole Miss, so I left the little sickly baby with her. It was kind of nice just to relax, but I felt a little naked without my sidekick. On the way back, I stopped by Leap Frog again (they are accepting Spring/Summer stuff everyday now). I got Annie the most adorable ladybug raincoat. It's a 2T, ha! I realized this week that she has SO much for this summer; I am so glad I bought ahead. I can't wait to put it all on her! I hung out with Cookie for a bit after I got back to pick up AP and we looked through old pictures. I have TONS I have brought over to my house to scan. We came home, AP napped and then Peyton, Annie and I headed back for Beans and Rice. We got home around 11:00.

Saturday was pretty full. Since AP went to bed so late, she woke up pretty late to (as in we woke HER up at 10:30- nobody kill me, I know "enjoy it now"!). It was the first time in months that Peyton has had to work at Walgreen or picked up an independent or we haven't had to get up early to travel or do something. It was so wonderful to just be lazy. Peyton cooked a great breakfast and we got ready and made a little trip to Target. Then we went to an apartment warming party for one of Peyton's old techs from Rite Aid. We came home and AP took her nap and then we went over to our friends Patrick and Haley's house. We picked up pizza (we were so healthy this week- corndogs, donuts, pizza, wow!) and had a great time visiting and seeing Ann Peyton's little boyfriend, Hank, who is almost a month old. I don't think we were contagious, but we tried not to let AP touch him too much and I "Purelled" my hands constantly [sidenote: I found travel Lysol dispensers that I have been looking for for-ever in the checkout line at four].
Doesn't he look so tiny? It almost gives me a baby itch!

We stopped by my parents' house afterwards and Annie and I stayed a bit, while Peyton went over to visit his brother at his house.

Today (Sunday) I was signed up to do the nursery at the early service and Children's Church at the late service. I did the nursery with AP while Peyton went to church. Then we left her and both went to Sunday School (our new class was really good!). Peyton kept AP in the nursery while I was supposed to be doing Children's Church (we only took one car), but there were no children, so I got to stay and hear the sermon. The rest of the day was really just lazy. I took a nap for the first time in awhile! Ann Peyton wore a little sweater and hat that my mom had made me when I was little and I wanted to get some pictures, but she was so week, I guess.

This week is going to be BUSY! I am subbing three days this week. It's Peyton's week to work late, so he doesn't go in until two (and he has all day tomorrow off), so he'll be keeping her and doing what I do all day. I know he already has some fun Daddy/daughter activities planned! I'm excited about subbing, but I know it's going to be so busy. I should go on to bed now! I'm going to try to relax and not put too much on the agenda besides working, but things always pop up!

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