Monday, January 3, 2011

Weekly Happenings Post #94 (December 27-January 2)-- Peace Out, 2010! Welcome, 2011!

A little pictorial analyisis before we begin -- Momma looks tired and haggered- typ, right?-- Papa is trying to share his really obnoxious [read: loud] gum chewing habit with the blogosphere.-- Annie is clearly channeling Danielson and will probably insist on becoming a martial arts hero, instead of the Prima Ballerina I've been ever so gently nudging her toward via multiple pairs of ballet themed pajamas c/o the Old Navy clearance rack. ;)

Thank goodness for another peaceful week at home with little to no agenda before we start back Mother's Day Out and things start to really pick up again!

Monday was a nice, somewhat productive day. I'm not gonna lie, the morning was super lazy, but I was fine with it. I got a lot done the night before, but stayed up way too late doing it. Ann Peyton woke up around 8:00 and played in our bed for half an hour and then we had breakfast and played and watched TV. We had a bath and I fed her lunch and put her down for a nap. During her nap, I was actually very productive. I cleaned off her new kitchen that my parents had been storing in their storage room until Christmas (it was a little dingy and I didn't think about it on Christmas Eve).
AFTER we purchased it, I kinda freaked out because I could not figure out where to put it. Her room (that she'll be sharing with Brother) is FULL and I really wasn't keen on the idea of making our living room even more of a playroom than it already is. My mom had the great idea to put her kitchen in our kitchen, so she can cook when we did. We had to do a little rearranging, but I think it works really well!

I ate lunch, cleaned out the fridge, made some Crawfish Bisque, and started on that sewing project I meant to do by Christmas. When AP woke up, she played with her new kitchen while I worked some more on the project and folded clothes.

When Peyton got home, they played while I put up some of her new toys and then we went to my parents' house. On the way, we picked up supper from Newks and Cool Water Cafe, for myself and Peyton, respectively. We had a nice visit and put AP to bed when we got home. I read my Bible, straightened up the house, and read some blogs.

Peyton was off on Tuesday, so I slept in and then joined him and Annie for some play time. We had breakfast and baths and played some more and then I put her down for a nap. Peyton and I watched American Violet. It was SUCH a good movie and then he went to get a haircut. I straightened up the house and ate lunch and then AP woke up. She played and I put up laundry until Peyton got home and then I clipped coupons. We all ran some errands. We went by Lowes to get a new microwave and some tools Peyton needed and then we stopped by Target to get several things for me (a storage bin, a full length mirror, a new planner, make up, ect). I also found THE cutest sheet set for AP's big girl bed next Winter.
[flannel sheets with stockings on them- I was tempted to buy a set for our bed, too!]

We went to Kroger after that and saved about $30 in coupons! Yay! When we got home we fed Ann Peyton supper and I put up groceries and Peyton put in the new microwave. I started working on cleaning out and organizing the laundry room and then we put Annie to bed. We had supper (the yummy Crawfish Bisque I made with salads) and finished the movie and then I read blogs, cleaned up the kitchen, read my Bible, and went to bed.

I don't know how or why she did it, but Ann Peyton slept until almost ten on Wednesday- praise the Lord! I woke up feeling really refreshed! We had a nice morning and we only watched about an hour of TV (as opposed to the sometimes three hour marathon of morning shows I sometime watch when I'm really exhausted and trying to keep my eyes open...clearly, I've kind of fudged on our "limited TV" rule for AP this month.) Anyway, we had breakfast and I took a bath while AP played in the bathroom with her new tea set (new toys = good distraction from wanting in the tub). I put up toys in her room and got some of Brother's clothes organized and then we had a little snack and I emptied the dishwasher while she played with her kitchen. I read her a story and put her down for a nap around 2:30. I ate lunch (really more of a snack at that point) and worked on my blog post about Christmas with Peyton's family and uploaded and edited some pictures. My mom called me with some sad news about one of my sister's friends passing away. Annie slept pretty late, which I was hoping for and it worked out perfectly since we were meeting friends for dinner kinda late-ish (for her). We played for awhile and then I fed her a snack and got a sandwich ready for Peyton. He had a really hard, long day at work :(.

I played with Annie in her room so Peyton could have a little "down time". She was SO not happy, knowing he was here and not playing with her. She is such a daddy's girl these days and when he says "Let Momma read you the book this time", she says "NO!" and only wants him. After that, I got ready for dinner and was SO frustrated with my clothes and how I looked and just nearly on the verge of tears (I know, shallow). We met our friends Patrick and Haley and their little boy Hank at a new Mexican restaurant in town, Babilou. It's really authentic and has a big screen with I Love Lucy episode playing in the background (the restaurant is named after the song Ricky famously sings in the series). We had a good time catching up and got home pretty late, so we put AP right to sleep.
Peyton was exhausted, too, but I stayed up a little while to get the house straight and read my Bible and have a little computer time.

Thursday was such a fun day! Annie was up at 8:30 and we had breakfast and played a little and then got ready to run a couple of errands (the bank and the UPS store) and meet Carrie for lunch. AP was not in the best mood that morning, and it seemed like I couldn't do anything right. I kept telling her all morning we were going to see Aubrey and she said her friend's name for the first time! Long story short, Aubrey was having some daddy time since David was off, but AP handled the disappointment pretty well. We had a nice lunch and a fun time visiting!

When we got home, Annie took a long nap. I think she must have just been tired from being up so late the night before. I didn't accomplish much except straightening the house a little and writing my blog post about our Christmas day festivities. When AP woke up, I did fold some laundry and unloaded the dishwasher while she played. I left her with Peyton and went out to dinner with a group of girls from college. We had so much fun catching up. When I got home, I talked to Peyton for a little bit and then caught up on blogs and started a couple of "year end" type posts for next week. I read my Bible and went to bed pretty late.

Friday was New Year's Eve. AP slept until about 8:30 and then we had a pretty typical lazy morning since we didn't have to be anywhere at a certain time. I took a quick bath while she played in the bathroom and then put up laundry in our room. Since she had a late breakfast, I decided to do lunch after her nap. She talked in her crib for almost an hour, but never went to sleep and then started fussing and then crying. I got a blog post written, but that's it. I rocked her and gave her some milk, but it didn't really help. I just got her up and we both had lunch. Then I straightened a little and folded and put up more laundry. Our house was kind of back to disaster state again and I felt like I got it looking a little better.

Peyton got home just as the tornado sirens went off and his mom called to let us know there was bad weather. I'm really glad he got home when he did because the tornado touched down right near his store. Anyway, we all hung out in the bathroom for about half an hour. Annie got a little scared by the thunder and she got really upset when Peyton left the room, but overall she did really good. We brought PigPig in there and read lots of books. When all that was over, we played with her a little and then it was supper time and we put her to bed early since she missed her nap.
[Annie and MonkMonk ringing in the New Year. Aren't we creative with our lovey names- PigPig and MonkMonk, so original!]

We had supper- Peyton had some leftover soup and I had a turkey melt. I cleaned up the house and read some blogs while Peyton watched football and fell asleep on the couch really early (for us). I read my Bible and baked some Slice and Bake cookies and watched SVU before I went to bed. Really eventful New Years Eve, huh?

New Year's Day (Saturday) was about as exiting, ha! Peyton got up early to go to work even though he had the day off because they got so behind the night before when the tornadoes blew the power out at the store. I guess that's a perk of being in charge ;) Annie decided to get up around that time, too. I was really tired and I had some bad heartburn (maybe from eating so late the night before?) and felt like I couldn't breath. She had some sinus junk going on, too, and was just sniffing and sniffing. Anyway, we watched about thirty minutes of PBS and then moved into the living room. We had breakfast and mostly just read and played all morning. I did get a few things done, like starting some laundry, putting the cover that I washed back on her high chair, and vacuuming under the pillows on the couch (I was looking for something in them and discovered it was kind of gross). Peyton came home for a few minutes and then his dad picked him up so they could go visit Granny. She's still sick or we would have gone, too!

We had a little snack/lunch of pimento cheese and pita chips and then I put her down for a nap and took my bath. I straightened up the house after that. [I know it's kind of pointless. I used to follow her around and clean up the messes, but Now, I almost always straighten after she goes to bed and most days during her nap, just for my sanity.] Then I got on the computer and changed my blog background and started trying to research how to publish Delicious links to my blog, like a few of my favorite bloggers do. Annie woke up and we played until Peyton got home and then we went to my parents' house for Red Beans and Rice (THEY actually went out for a New Year's Eve part on Friday, ha!). We put Annie to bed when we got home and Peyton and I had a nice, long, overdue chat. He watched a movie and I read some blogs.

Yesterday (Sunday) was a really nice, relaxing day. We went to church and it was the annual Covenant Renewal Service. It's something John Wesley came up with and it's basically just a time to rededicate yourself to serving the Lord in the new year. I always really enjoy it! After that we came home and fed Ann Peyton lunch and put her down for a nap. We had lunch and then I took a nap, too. Annie and I woke up about the same time and my mom came over to help us figure out what needed to be done to the armoire we bought for Brother's stuff. She brought some stuff over and we went through it and then she said that Cookie wanted to see AP, so could she bring her home? Well....of course! Peyton left to run some errands and I straightened up and worked on organizing some of Brother's clothes and getting them on hangers and getting all AP's Christmas attire sorted to go up to the attic. I went to pick up Annie and had pizza at my parents' house and when we got home, we had a few photo shoots and put her to bed.
Peyton convinced me that it was okay to break out of need for consistency and use the one where she was standing up. It was the cutest ;) Also, obviously, she's bigger than the pig now and will only get more and more bigger than him, so I don't know how much it matters for comparison purposes. Anyway....

And here's one of the outtakes from our family photo shoot this week. Don't worry; I was trying to look evil!

I got on the computer and wrote Annie's twenty one month post and edited pictures and got frustrated with Blogger, Delicious, AND Firefox and stayed up too late.

I haven't set any major goals this year, really I'd like to try to keep working on last year's resolutions, because I think in every one of those areas there is room for improvement. That said, last summer I started doing a few things differently that have really upped my productivity. I created a cleaning schedule, a cooking schedule, and a little "activities" schedule that included setting aside time each week for crafting, organizing, doing yard work, and keeping up with our finances, as well as a little (book) reading each day. It REALLY made a difference and I think now that I'm somewhat less tired I want to get back to that. Which brings me number one goal for this WEEK is to get back on some sort of normal sleep schedule, which will be necessary once we start back to MDO.

My others goals for this week include:
- Getting our house neat AND clean
- Taking down Christmas
- Continuing to tackle washing and organizing Brother's clothes so they will be ready once we get the armoire painted and Peyton gets a new bar installed. [I have bought him a lot of stuff already (post to come), but we have been given so many BEAUTIFUL hand me downs, as well.'s a process.
- Trying to finish up a couple more end of the year and Christmas theme posts before everyone dies of weariness reading them.

I'm an ambitious one, no???


JenJen said...

Love your blog! We are a LOT alike!
My oldest loved having her kitchen in our kitchen. We're about to bring it back down for our youngest. I got the Paula Deen cookbook and a set of cooking stuff (pampered chef, maybe?--it had primary color cookie cutters, measuring spoons and cups, so we could easily tell them apart from mine). She used those in her kitchen some, and still loves to use that cookbook. She makes her daddy's meal & dessert on his birthday each year, and they're both so proud of it! :) Anyway, enjoy the kitchen! Both of you. :)

Sarah @ Picture Window said...

I love weekly posts like this, so I'm happy I found your blog :)

I find that it's easy to keep my daughter (almost two) on a consistent schedule, but so hard to keep myself on any organized schedule for cooking, cleaning, etc. I'm especially terrible at consistent meal planning and grocery shopping. Hard to find the time. Let us know if you have any suggestions!

Carrie said...

I'm so glad to read about Ann Peyton's attachment to her daddy! Aubrey is a TOTAL daddy's girl right now. I love this and completely encourage it (after all, David is an AMAZING daddy and deserves it) but sometimes I feel a little insecure when Aubrey prefers him over me. Ha!