Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Babykin Boutique: Consignment Collection

Okay, so I'm finally doing my consignment post that I've been saying I was going to do for weeks (I still haven't done the "Overstock" post that I've been saying I'd do for months). Ha!

First, here are my latest consignment finds, but first I wanted to share my favorite stores:
Leap Frog (Madison)- I love this one; it was the first consignment store I bought things for Ann Peyton from. It is a little more expensive than some other places, but they have lots of name brand things and smocked dresses and stuff you'd expect to pay more for.
Kids Kloset (Ridgeland)- This one is great for more casual stuff. I found some great little bubbles and dresses last summer and some coats for next winter.
Wear It's At (Flowood)- Based on my experience, it is kind of hit-or-miss (I guess all consignment stores are to some extent). I've found some cute stuff, though (a Hanna Andersson outfit and some Converse tennis shoes, for example).
Consigners' Boutique and Spoiled Rotten (Brandon)- These two are pretty new to me, so I don't really know how I feel just yet. I had HUGE success at Consigners' Boutique recently, but it may have just been a fluke, because most of the items came from one seller. The lady that owns Spoiled Rotten is really sweet and basically just gave me a little jacket because I was a dollar short- of course, I went back and paid her back later!

Now, I'll share what I found.....

You've already seen AP's new chair, but here it is again:

I also got a couple of other non clothing items for Annie.

I got her this walker. I know that it is REALLY ugly, but it was $15 and I thought it would be fun. Really, I don't think you need a walker if you have a Saucer, but it's nice to have in the kitchen. Ann Peyton can just now touch her feet to the ground and she has only figured out how to go backward. It's funny when she gets stuck in a corner!

I also bought this dinosaur thing. I had seen it on someone's blog and managed to find it on Amazon. I really wanted one, but......go ahead and click the link. Yeah, I'm not real sure where they got that price. Mine was about $11. She seems to like it.

Okay, now onto the important things.....

I got her a TON of stuff for this summer.

I love bubbles for the summer. Really I prefer them to dresses; I think just because they are so "babyish" and I'm all for keeping the baby a baby as long as possible. I think the middle one is my's seersucker with a little bird on it.

I did get her a couple of dresses, though, because they were so cute.

And a bathing suit. Because she doesn't already have multiple bathing suits for this summer. Ahem.

Finally, for this summer, I got her some pjs. They were less than $5 and I love these little things Gymboree makes that have short legs, so they aren't just a onsie (we do have some onsies that have a special place in my heart, though!).

I got her these two adorable outfits that are The Bailey Boys (my absolute favorite brand). The birthday one is a 12 mo. and the other one is an 18 mo. for the fall. I was so excited to find these for around $15.

Then, I did some buying ahead. I got some holiday things for the future because at one of the stores (Spoiled Rotten) all the Christmas stuff was $1. The Santa dress had some stains on it and the smocked dress is a 12 mo. but for $1 a peice, I had to risk it (I got all the stains out of the Santa dress!).

I also found some cute dresses. The sweater dress is a brand called Zackali 4 Kids. I have one other thing by them, so I googled/ebayed it and ya' of the dresses on a website was $94. I showed the kitty cat dress (which really I got because the kitty looks like The General) and asked him how much he thought it was worth. Then I told him about the website. Seriously, *who* spends a hundred dollars on kids' clothes, and play clothes at that?

Last, I got Annie a few coats. The two pink ones are for next fall/winter. The one of the left looks just like one of her "winter suits" from this year! And the raincoat is a 2T, but I couldn't resist.

I think we're set for awhile!


The Niemeyer Nest said...

You found some great stuff! Thanks for inspiring me. There is a huge consignment sale here next weekend that I am planning to shop. Evie needs some spring/summer clothes that are not dresses. Her cousins gave her about 10 - seriously - Lilly dresses. People are going to wonder about me - I can assure you that I do not spend crazy money on things like that. Love the coats! Bubbles are precious.

Carrie said...

CUTE! I have been wanting to go Consignment shopping! you've inspired me to make it happen. I think the lady who owns Spoiled Rotten is too sweet also! I've found some cute things there.

Tiffany said...

I love finding little treasures like this at consignment shops, garage sales or e-bay. It's such a rush isn't it? I haven't shared my finds in a while, but, I really love a good sale. Hope you're having a blessed day.

Christy said...

oh, the bubbles!!! I miss those :(

I found out rather quickly that bubbles should only be put on boys less than six months. Oops.

I used to frequent Leapfrog and Kids Kloset weekly :) I miss those places!

Sarah Denley said...

Seriously? Less than six months? So if you have a winter baby you could miss them entirely? I don't know what I'll do if I have a boy round two.

Is there are rule with girls? I was just going to go with my footie pj rule- as long as they make them and she doesn't object they are appropriate??

Sarah Broadus said...

thank you!!! you just helped me feel better@