Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bake Me a Cake Just As Fast as You Can

I just had to share this little video displaying Ann Peyton's new skills.

On a totally unrelated, though substantially more important note, one of Ann Peyton's best friends, Evy, celebrated her first birthday today. This BEAUTIFULLY written post by her mother brought tears to my eyes. For some reason it also instantly brought me back to this time last year- a time when Ashley and I were mere blog friends, I was anxiously awaiting my Annie Girl, the days seemed like years, and I hung on every word this then new mommy wrote. Of course, that only brought more tears, thinking of the blessing of watching our friendship and our two beautiful girls grow in ways I never imagined. Happy Birthday, Evy Kate (and congratulations, Ash, on your one year "anniversary" as a momma)!

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Ashley said...

Thank you, sweet friend! I so appreciate your kind words. It's so crazy how far we've all come in a year. It just amazes me. Love you dearly!