Friday, February 19, 2010

Flashback Friday: Pregnant in the Big Easy {Fall 2008}

In honor of our dear friend, Patrick, whose birthday is this week, I thought I'd share some of the pictures from a trip to New Orleans that Peyton and I took with him and his wife, Haley.

We've gone on several trips with the Harkins and they are super fun traveling companions. I always like to take it easy on trips and not do anything too labor intensive (like walking, say, more than three or four city blocks without a break). And this trip, being slightly preggars, I insisted that everyone accommodate my wishes. Haley and Patrick are really laid back, so that was no problem.

We basically just shopped and ate and got the hotel to move us to a different room and give us free stuff because our first room smelled like "skunky weed" according to the musician and former-friend-of-potheads in the group (Patrick and Peyton, respectivly). It was a great trip, but the last one we took because since then either Haley or I have been uncomfortably pregnant or had a tiny baby at home.

But, as soon as Hank gets vaccinated and the busy bread winners find time in their hectic schedules we are taking another trip. This time with a couple of little babykins (or actually, by that time, probably a toddler and her young suitor).

Okay, picture time.....
The four of us at some random restaurant that had THE best macaroni and cheese

Haley and I look as if we are trying to take legit pictures; Patrick and Peyton seemed to have missed the memo and are playing "who can give their wife the ugliest look?"

Peyton doesn't have just a whole lot of BFF's. This is one.

Me and my BFF. And an Annie Baby that is not too terribly visible yet. Interesting sidenote: I am wearing the same sweater today (it's not maternity, just nice and loose) with a turtleneck under it. Can anyone guess what high traffic blogger I thought of when I decided to go for the layered look this morning? [P.S.-I was in good company; I noticed one of my fellow "lunchers" was going for the same look!]

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Rachel said...

It was so good seeing you today! Ann Peyton is just too cute for words! I hope y'all have a great weekend!!