Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Best Valentine's Present Ever

I decided not to do "Show Us Your Life" this week because, truthfully, Peyton and I have never been big on Valentine's Day. I don't mean we're haters or anything; it's just never been especially meaningful to us. We usually go out to eat some time around Valentines other than the actual day, because the waits are just ridiculous. The only time I've ever been to a restaurant on Valentine's Day was one year in college when Peyton was working late and I went with all my single girlfriends. I think we were engaged then, ha! And we usually just give each other something small. Although, this year Peyton went all out.

Anyway, in lieu of that post, I decided I'd just post about my favorite gift that Peyton ever gave me (excluding his life, his love, many other non tangibles, and an Annie Baby). I meant to write this post around Christmas, so I'm glad I finally have an excuse!

My favorite gift from Peyton was a beautiful pair of cross earrings that he gave me one Christmas when we were dating. They are little gold crosses with tiny pearls and a beautiful blue stone in the center. They have a very antique look about them and are just so simple and pretty. I wore them on our wedding day, even though they are really not that formal, because they are so special and because they are truly the prettiest ones I own.

They are the only jewelry that Peyton has ever given me, save my engagement ring/wedding band. I won't say that I am not a "jewelry person"; I'm just a pragmatist and most years I'd prefer several shirts or several dozen Thin Mints to a solitary jewel piece. They were nothing I was expecting.

That Christmas, Peyton asked my mom for help and they met at the store of a jeweler she personally knows. [My mom and I have very similar taste and he has a lot of antique/antique reproduction jewelry.] He really put a lot of thought into the present and though they are nothing extravagant, it was a bit of a sacrifice at the time because he was still in school.

The beauty of the earrings and the thought that went into them are enough to make them the best present Peyton ever gave me. But if you know either of us, or if you've been reading this blog for over a week, you know that we have a gift for finding the deeper meaning and attaching symbolism to all variety of mundane things.

So, when I opened them, I remember bawling my eyes out as Peyton told me they were "promise earrings", similar to a promise ring (you know, the teeny bopper version of the engagement ring, usually used to elicit sex from a high school girlfriend whom you have no real plans of ever making any real commitment to). I've said it before, but Peyton really had a fear of commitment, so for someone as genuine as I knew him to be, that was a BIG step.

Another reason I love them is because they are crosses. I used to wear them several times a week (now I can hardly remember to change my earrings) and whenever I put them in our took them out I used it as a reminder to pray for Peyton personally and to pray for our relationship. I have tried to do the same thing with my wedding band, but I haven't really been successful in cultivating the habit like I was then. I also just realized as I typed this that I should find some little "reminder" for Ann Peyton, as well. Those little earrings are special for so many reasons.

I have to say, though, my favorite thing was putting them on the day Peyton made good on his promise!


Ashley said...

It's so weird that I didn't know you at the time of your wedding...

I bet those earrings are beautiful!

Christy said...

that is so sweet! I LOVE your wedding dress, the top is beautiful.