Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Letter to (Ten Month Old) Ann Peyton

Dear Ann Peyton,

You are ten months old today. Unbelievable. I read on somewhere recently that when you have children the days are long but the years fly by. Well, I don't know about years yet, but the months sure have, baby girl!

You are getting so big. This past weekend we visited with your little friend Hank and his momma and Daddy. He is a month old and next to him you don't even look like a baby at all! It made me miss my bitty baby, but I am so proud of my *big* girl.

That said, you are, of course, still tiny. One of Daddy's techs at the pharmacy calls you "Itty Bitty" and I think it's so cute; I do it sometimes, too, or sometimes I make up my own variant and call you "Itsy Bitsy". Yes, you are still accumulating nicknames.

We recently started supplementing two feeding a day with formula, per sweet Dr. Denney's recommendation. It seems to be helping you gain a little bit, but you are just going to be a teeny wheeny no matter what we do (which is fine, Minnie and your daddy keep saying how precious you are that way). We took you to the doctor for a little cough and you weighed....14 lbs. 10 oz (about the size of the average four month old). At your nine month check-up, Dr. Denney ran lots of test to make sure nothing was wrong (you did NOT like having your blood drawn) and it looks like you are just genetically predisposed to a small stature....who'da thunk?

Speaking of, you do sickness so well. Not only did you have a little cough and cold, but a DOUBLE ear infection. You had been a little fussy, but still so sweet and snuggly.

I have gotten everything out of your big closet that is under twelve months to try on you. Most of the nine month things fit (a few are still a tad big), but you still wear lots of six months. And we have two outfits that must run large because they are 3-6 mos. and just now fit you!

You really like food but you are beginning to think it's time to learn to feed yourself; you keep trying to snatch your spoon from Mommy. You've tried some grown-up food, lately- scrambled egg yolks, bits of turkey, and butter beans; all of which you thought were delish!

You "talk" so much. I love to hear you say "ma ma ma", even though I don't think you really know what it means yet. You like to say "da da" and "ba ba" quite a bit, too.

You have a new trick that is really pretty impressive! You Aunt Cookie taught it to you the other day when she was babysitting you. Whenever we say "Do pattycake" you clap your hands together...makes me think you are such a grown girl! I had heard (or read) that one of your little friends had learned a similar "trick", but she is about six weeks older, so I thought it would be awhile longer for you. We are so proud of how you are learning to communicate! I won't say you are ahead of the curve on everything, though. You took your sweet time learning to crawl. Not that we mind, but we thought we may have a lazy girl on our hands!

But, LAST night, after I substituted and Daddy took care of you all day, you did it! He had just walked out the door to go to the grocery store and you crawled! You are such a sweet (and smart) girl; you know who to save the milestones for!

I did get a little worried today when I was gone again and Minnie said you were trying to pull up. What's wrong, do I need to leave you with other people more?

You welcomed your first little boyfriend this month. Hank is so adorable, but you can't go on dates for awhile. We'll talk more about a supervised courtship when you are eighteen. Just good friends for the next couple of decades, okay? I'm just kidding, of course!

Speaking of your friends, you are very social and have been enjoying going to lunch every week with your friends, Aubrey and Evy, but we recently decided maybe we should take your girls somewhere so y'all can actually play with each other. Aubrey is going to practice being sweet on you so she will be ready for her new brother or sister this summer. And you are going to need to soak up every minute these next few months with Evy....that is what Mommy is doing.

Let's see, what else are you doing? You love to go through your little box of toys and pull things out and you love to dig down in the carton of puffs and get a fistfull. You crack me up!

You also love sleep more than anybody I know. You will sleep twelve hours at night if we let you and always take two good naps a day. If you miss one, you are not a happy girl. You still love to sleep in the car, but I think your bed is your favorite place. I love that you are such a deep sleeper (like your Daddy). Not only can I come in your nursery and peak at you during the night, but I can stroke your back and run my fingers through your soft baby hair as long as I like without stirring you. It's one of my favorite little things about you.

Annie, I am running out of ways to try to convey how much I love you. There is just no way to explain it. I read something beautiful on a friend's blog recently, though- "My worst day since you have been born is so much better than any day before you came into my life". I can't begin to tell you what an inexplicable blessing you are and how much joy you bring to me and your Daddy and so many other people that love you. I'll never stop trying to explain that to you.

Momma (and Daddy)


Ashley @ The Happily Ever Afters of the Lancasters said...

I teared up. No lie.

Oh my gosh...my word verification is "cryin." Seriously.

Sarah Broadus said...

super sweet! aren't daughters the best?!!?

Heidi said...

Cuuuuuute! Love that last smile!

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