Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow Day

Today, Jackson got the most snow that I've ever seen in real life (a couple of inches?). It was beautiful! I have to say, though, it's kind of funny because things really shut down. Schools were closed and a lot of people at Peyton's store called in sick. One person said that she didn't want to "risk her life" driving to work. I, however, was not too afraid of the inclimate weather and braved the blizzard so that I could make my mommy lunch date- Carrie and I are hardcore.

Peyton woke up late for work so we didn't have any time to play outside as a family before work and AP was asleep when he got home, which is unfortunant because he is SO into that kind of thing. I did take her out for a few minutes by myself and she didn't really seem that interested.

I took a few pictures of our yard, but none were really that impressive.

However, my dad has excellent photography skills (and a much prettier yard), and I fully expected he'd have captured some great images. He did not disappoint. Isn't it beautiful?

Really, though, I much prefer visiting Mickey and Minnie when it looks like this.

Someone mentioned to me recently that my parents have such an interesting house and it's true; it is very unique. So, I think sometime in the next week or so I am going to put up so pictures of the interior, just for fun!

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Carrie said...

Your parents house is pretty! And yes, we are so hardcore ;-)