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Weekly Happenings Post #47 (February 1-7)

Okay, I am posting this picture because 1) I am dedicated to being "real" on my blog 2) I could not just skip a family picture in a Weekly Happenings post- something apocalyptic could happen and 3) I am sick so I have a genuine excuse for looking that bad. [AP has no excuse for looking like a little boy who just got the junk scared out of him and Peyton has no excuse for looking like a metro music man.]

This is the longest Weekly Happenings post, probably ever. Be forewarned.

So, this week was pretty much a blur of substitute teaching and sickness. There was not a lot else. I saw that Carrie kind of skipped the recap this week and just did some fun bullet points. Really, I should follow suite and just give you a few fun randoms from the week. But, as I say probably once every three posts, I'm a little Type A and alot OCD, so if my Weekly Happenings posts ceased to be consistent I might have some kind of aneurysm and my head would explode. So, we'll stick to what we know.

On Monday, I subbed at Saint Andrew's in the Kindergarten wing. Each Kindergarten teacher has a full-time assistant (I know, amazing), so the way it works when there is a sub is that the assistant becomes the teacher and the sub becomes the assistant. I like it; there's not much pressure. The kids are super cute and I had so much fun! They are REALLY smart, too. Nicole (the assistant) told them all about me and when she told them I had a ten month old daughter she asked if anyone knew how long until AP would be a year; a few of them got it! The thing I loved about SA when I went to school there was that we learned a TON every day, but the work never seemed like "work"; it was so much fun. It's very different from my experience with student teaching and stuff in the public schools, because there is actually much more of a focus on recess and "special areas". I am a firm believer that music, art, ect. are very important parts of a child's education and that Kindergartners and first graders should never have to miss recess because they need to stay in and finish up work. Unfortunately, that is not the reality in many public schools, because teachers have to make sure kids pass Benchmark tests- or they risk their job. Okay, getting of the soapbox now.

Monday was Peyton's day off this week, and when I got home he and Ann Peyton were waiting for me. He had me a grilled cheese he was fixing and we talked about our days and I kind of crashed; I was really worn out! Peyton told me about everything he and AP did and it kind of made me feel guilty. They went for a stroll and feed the ducks and did lots of other enriching activities. I had to remind myself that 1) he is much fonder of winter weather than me and 2) he doesn't do this EVERY day. Also, he is on a kick because he read some research about how TV is actually a lot worse for babies/young children than we ever thought. So, he really tried not to watch much TV. Sidenote: I'm sure I'll be posting more about it later, but again it is one of those things that I think is probably not best for a child, but not truly harmful, either. I'm beginning to think that on more and more parenting issues (the way one gives birth, the SAHM/working mom debate, breastfeeding/formula feeding, and the old attachment parenting/parent directed scheduling controversy). Anyway, all that to say we're trying to limit her time in front of the TV more, so Peyton had to come up with other things to do.

Also, Monday night as soon as Peyton walked out the door to go to the grocery store Annie crawled for the first time. I caught him in the driveway and we got it on video. Clearly, she knows who to save the milestones for! I promise every day won't be this long.

Tuesday was pretty much the same, except that Peyton had to go to work and so he dropped her off with my mom around 2ish. I picked her up at 3:30 and we went straight home. I will say that Tuesday was probably the best I felt all week, I think because I went to bed at 10:00. I got a little prideful and started thinking "Wow! I could do this whole working mom thing easy if I had to". Um, no.

Because on Wednesday I felt awful. I thought I was about to have this sinus infection or whatever kicked, but boy I was wrong! I never learned how to blow my nose (I actually did it once when I got a TicTac stuck up my nose and my grandmother told me if I didn't blow it out I'd have to go to the ER and they'd use an instrument to get it). But, I can't just do it like normal people can. I know, I'm so weird. So, it just kept running and I kept wiping it all day. YUCK!I also forgot my Coke to have with lunch. The withdrawal symptoms seemed to be probably at much the same level of severity as if I had an actual "coke" addiction and left my little bag of crack dust at home. I was SO glad it was my last day and I could just enjoy being home with AP, but I was a little sad to leave; the kids are so cute and the teachers are just the sweetest people ever.

I was so tired that that afternoon I took a nap at my parents' house when I went to pick up AP. Peyton had put her in "fresh" pajamas that morning because I didn't leave an outfit out; I thought it was so funny! I actually cooked dinner (my favorite fish recipe), but that was probably the extent of my productive activity. I also have to brag on Peyton a little because he said "Sweetie, if you just teach me how to work the washing machine and dryer, I'll do the clothes. The laundry is piling up and I know that is going to stress you out". [Sidenote: he has done his own laundry at some point in his life, but we got "front loaders" right before AP was born (as per my agreement to cloth diapering), so he's never used those specific ones.] I told him it was no big deal and besides he was taking care of AP all morning and then working his regular shift. "I know, but you're not used to working, two jobs" (so sweet of him to count my Momma job as a job)! Anyway, he didn't know it, but some of the laundry bags had clean clothes in them. I just washed as usual, but waited until the end of the week to fold and put up.

As Carrie mentioned in her post, she and Ashley had lunch without me. It was the first week I haven't seen them in a good while. Well, I am that pathetic girl that worries incessantly about what she is missing when things like this occur. Of course, I was happy for them to go, but I was terrified I would miss something REALLY important. Ashley texted me a recap, though. Still only one pregnant friend, ha (that was the biggest news we've ever had at lunch and Carrie told us SO casually)! Also, the Howies spent the beginning of the week sick and the Lancasters spent the end of it that way, so I'm a little glad I missed out on that. I would hate to be "pukey" as my SIL says on top of this awful gunk I do have!

On Thursday we had Mother's Morning Out (I took a personal day on Tuesday to sub). It was a pretty stressful day. The babies were really cranky and the other groups were wild. And my throat and ears started hurting. Thursday afternoon Peyton went into work early (pretty much right after we got home) and I called my mom crying because I just felt so bad. I had been so proud of how well I held up and was awful. She said she could keep AP while I went to the doctor on Friday (hysterical sobbing, "Momma I hate to ask you to do this. You've been keeping Annie so much this week, but can you...."), but I ended up not being able to get in until Monday anyway.

Fortunately, although physically exhausting, the week, until this point had nothing comparable to the emotional roller coaster that is loosing and finding a nostalgic baby item. Good thing, because an anxiety ridden substitute is no fun! I say "until this point" because Thursday night I found out something for sadder than any quest for a multi-generational infant shoe. There had been a new swing in the nursery at MMO that morning and we had all commented on how cute it was and how it looked BRAND NEW. Turns out it had belonged to the little boy whose funeral I went to a few weeks ago. His momma has such a generous heart and although she said it was so hard, she wanted the other babies at our church to use it. Not only that, but she is STILL pumping and sending breast milk to Haiti. Y'all.....can you imagine? It seriously made me physically ill (or more so than I was); my heart hurt so bad for this family. So, yeah....more hysterical sobbing.

We pretty much stayed home all day on Friday. Peyton was working a double. I did let Annie watch The View, I admit. And I folded TONS of laundry and just did a little picking up around the house. We went to my parents' house for Red Beans and Rice, but they weren't even cooking yet when we got there because my parents' friends, Lynn and "Uncle" Charles had popped by for a visit. I was modified because I had on no makeup, sweats, and seriously looked like something the dog drug up. And Ann Peyton was wearing an outfit that is by far the funkiest she owns (I may have mentioned it before, but I like to tailor how she dresses to the company she is keeping; for example, when she is with friends who are more traditional in their style she wears mostly "classic" items; when she is with friends with my trendy tastes I put her in something a little "hipper". Well, with Minnie's friends, I usually lean toward the more traditional smocked dresses or appliqued Bailey Boys rompers). Of course, they really didn't care. The beans still weren't ready an hour later so my mom fixed me an egg and bacon, instead.

Saturday, our friends, Morgan and Haydn (and Mary Milton) came over for supper. I spent most of the day cleaning the house- it REALLY needed it and it's so nice to start the new week with it all clean. I even washed our sheets and cleaned out the fridge (I ended up doing three loads of dishes before dinner, ha!).

I also kind of changed up my little table by the doorway. It just had the one lonely plate on it, so I added a cross my mom got for me recently and a funky picture frame. I think the chair and curtain beside it really bring out the red in the frame.
(before: boring!)

(after: a little more interesting?)

We had brisket for dinner. Our options were limited because a) Haydn doesn't eat pasta b) Morgan had fixed my "go to" poppy seed chicken two nights ago and c) I didn't want to cook my fabulous fish recipe because Morgan is the one I got it from and that just seems weird/pathetic. So I was left with approximately one thing that I have actually successfully cooked before (or really, Peyton has)- brisket. I think now would be a good time to take a break in the Weekly Happenings report and just take a little inventory of the types of meat I can actually prepare. Here are the deets on my fabulous meat cooking skills:
1. ham- I can cook in the oven.
2. brisket- I can also cook it in the oven.
3. chicken- technically it's poultry; I cook it in the oven with a marinade or without one if I'm going to throw it in a casserole or something.
4. fish- also not actually a meat; in the oven.
5. ground beef- this is the one thing I can cook on top of the stove and not ruin. I don't think it's possible in the oven.
So, I'm practically Alton Brown, right, with my barnyard full of variety? I mean I can cook at least five things!

I went to the grocery store Saturday morning and got everything, but I forgot the marinade. AP was napping and the thing takes like six hours to cook, so my sweet Momma brought me some (I know, I'm spoiled!). She kind of fussed at me for not having everything more together, but then told me she was really proud of me because she couldn't have done "all this" at my age- "you taught school FOUR days this week, you are entertaining tonight, and you have a TEN MONTH OLD!". Isn't Minnie hilarious? I thanked her, but also gently reminded her that many people work EVERY day, have MULTIPLE children, and are still able to "entertain" for their closest friends.

Well, it turned out great! We had salad, baked potatoes, rolls, green bean bundles (that Morgan brought) and brownies for dessert.

Ann Peyton also had a great time seeing her little friend, Mary Milton. I can't wait until they're old enough to really play together!
Two of the best daddies (and babies) I know!

After they left, Peyton needed to deliver some medicine to someone (he's done this probably five times for very special circumstances) and we were having such a great time talking I feed Ann Peyton and we bundled her up and took her with us on the "drug run". It was like 11:00! I told Peyton I knew she wouldn't remember these crazy things we do to her, but what if she could? What would she think of her weird little life? Of course, she was asleep when we got home and as we were talking we saw a little smile creep on her face as she slept in her carrier. Then we put her to bed.
We tried to capture the smile, but she woke up...looking slightly high.

Well, she slept horribly. I don't think it had anything to do with her "adventure", probably more so the LONG late afternoon nap her Mommy had let her take so she could accomplish some things and REST. She was up off and on ALL night (she never does that). We ended up putting her in the bed with us; I just didn't have the energy for any sleep training last night! We also hardly ever do that- the last time (Peyton wanted to try it "for fun") she woke up screaming because Peyton was all but on top of her. I told him that's why we didn't co-sleep with a newborn; she would have been a goner!

We skipped church today (Sunday). I know, I am horrible. I do think church is important, but I try not to beat myself up if we miss once in awhile, even if we don't have a really good reason. Feeling horrible and a baby that didn't sleep were good enough today. I ded watched Galloway on TV to make up for missing church and the sermon was really good. I told Peytonthat since I didn't go to church I was not doing the "fun" things we had planned for today, even if I feel great by then. We were supposed to go to a Super Bowl Party tonight and I had actually kind of got excited (even though I hate the things) but I was pretty relieved that I've already said I'm not going. I just needed to take it easy today.

So, I'm just relaxed with my good friends Vicks Inhaler and Nasal Saline Spray (and my soon to be notsoeasytogetaholdof friend, Sudafed). And also watched the Law and Order: SVU marathon (during naps, because if there is one thing AP doesn't need to see on the television it's sex crimes).

Also, Annie reached another milestone!
She was kind of mad that I ran to get my camera instead of getting her, but I know she'll be glad later to have the photographic depiction of the first time she successfully "seated" herself!

When Peyton got off work he and AP went to the party. I stayed home and....watched old videos we took on the video camera before Ann Peyton was born/during her first days of life.
Peyton wanted her to wear something "sporty" to the party so I put a little hoodie that was mine (that she has actually NEVER worn) on her!

Well, thankfully, I'm going to the doctor tomorrow and the rest of the week looks pretty laid back. I am so looking forward to it!

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