Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekly Happenings Post #49 (February 15-21)-- LENT BEGINS!

Before I get into the actual Weekly Happenings, I wanted to share a few randoms:

-I have decided that I have "caught" Peyton's ADD and I told him so. I was totally kidding about it; really I hate how everyone and their brother thinks they have ADD, now. Not that I'm going to go all John Rosemond and tell you that it doesn't exist, because I think it does, but I also think it's really over-diagnosed and way over-treated with medication (like just about everything today). Anyway I told Peyton I had "caught" it and he looks at me in all seriousness and says "Um, yeah, you didn't know that it hops from person to person during intercourse? It's a sexually transmitted disease. That's why it's so rampant on college campuses." Um, wow, I love my super crass husband.

- Lent has started. As Methodists, we do celebrate Lent and Peyton and I usually try to give up something or cultivate a positive habit. Here's what our family is giving up this year:
Me: ONE of my cokes. I drink two a day usually and I am going to cut back to one. I am going to make a exception for days I go out to eat and Fridays for Red Beans and Rice. That may sound like cheating, but I want to do something attainable.
Peyton: TV. He said he'll watch something with me if I ask him, but otherwise, it's cold turkey until Easter.
Ann Peyton: Breastmilk. Gradually, of course-this isn't about my boobs making a Lenten sacrifice. Anyway, since her birthday is right before Easter, and since I am planning on having her completely weaned by around a year, it just makes sense that that is what she should give it up for Lent. Of course, she's not getting it back after Easter. Haha, jokes on Annie! I know it'll be really bittersweet and I'll probably have to write a couple of emotional posts about it, but there is a part of me that is really excited about letting old Bessie take care of her nutritional needs.

- Just another little random: I hate the word "wean". I think it's partly because I'm in first grade and every time I hear it I think of "wiener". Also, I'm just weird about certain words. Coincidentally, several of them are big breast feeding bywords (e.g. nipple and engorgement).

- Also, in celebration of Lent, I changed out my regular "Current Faves" Playlist and put up my Worship Playlist.

- A couple of random pictures from the week that I found really funny/sweet.....

I left the room for literally 30 seconds and a little mouse crawled over and was nibbling my sandwich.
When I walked back in she just looked up at me with this "I know I've been caught" look and I fell out laughing. Then she started laughing!

Annie fell asleep playing in her crib Tuesday night. I love these pictures because I used to fall asleep studying doubled over JUST like that!

Okay, now for the actual happenings of this week:

Monday was really laid back. I did some laundry and "deep cleaned" the microwave. My mom came over for a little visit because she "missed Ann Peyton so bad" (she had seen her on Friday). I cooked Tilapia for supper and moved AP's Pack N Play from our bedroom into her nursery because she was starting to pull up on her crib.

Tuesday was pretty busy. We went to Mother's Morning Out and Peyton fixed Annie's crib.

We had a little spat when I got home and it ended with me crying and sitting on my kitchen counter eating Nutter Butter cookies. It occurred to me as I was doing this that the day is coming very soon where I will have a little girl, not a baby, and emotional breakdowns complete with eating cookies for lunch while sitting on your counter will not be appropriate. We made up within an hour or so and I took Annie and did some errands. We went to Target and the Post Office and then we went to Best Buy to get a new battery for my camera. They were out of the "generic" and the Cannon one cost like $65, so we left empty handed. Then we delivered a (very overdue) wedding present and came home. I worked on organizing my closet and we had a relaxing eventing.

On Wednesday, we stayed home almost all day and it was very low-key. I'm not even sure what I got done besides catching up a bit on Ann Peyton's baby calendar that marks her milestones. I was WAY behind. We went over to my parents and ended up eating supper with them.

Thursday, we had MMO, but Annie got sent home because they thought she might have pink eye. It turned out to be nothing, but I'm sure she enjoyed spending the morning with her "Papa". I had stayed up way too late on Wednesday, so when Ann Peyton took her afternoon nap, I took one, too!

On Friday, we had lunch with Ashley and Evy and Carrie and Aubrey (pretty soon I'll get to say "Carrie, Aubrey, and [whatever gender appropriate baby name Carrie and David decide on once they find out if the new babykins is a boy or a girl]). We stopped by my parents' house on the way home because they were having dinner guests that night so Red Beans and Rice was canceled. Not that I cooked. Peyton ate at work and I had a sandwich for dinner, ha!

I actually accomplished quite a bit on Saturday. Annie and I went to Babies R Us to get a present for a friend and then we came home and I did some work around the house. I put up a bunch of laundry, went through some receipts, signed up for some formula samples (I'm kind of hoping to get through the next six weeks without having to actually buy formula a single time), swept and mopped the kitchen, and baked some cookies. Then my mom came and got Annie and I went to a baby shower. Afterwards, Peyton picked up AP from my parents house and met me at home and we went over to our friends, Patrick and Haley's, house to celebrate Patrick's birthday.
It was a very fun night! When we got home we stayed up too late having a good theological discussion.

This morning (Sunday) I woke up too late for early church, so Peyton went by himself and Annie and I went to the late service. The sermon was about Jesus' temptation and how we need to be filled with the Holy Spirit, as Jesus was, in order to resist Satan's temptations. It was a great way to start the Lenten season and we all took home a little sheet with this prayer that each church member is going to try to pray every day:
Lord, I come to you recognizing my vulnerability to the forces that stand in opposition to the intention You have for my life. I desire to know the scriptures, and I want so much to yield myself fully to God. Fill me with your Spirit that I might live in harmony with You and resist that which keeps me from living as a child of God. In the name of Jesus I pray. Amen.

I got some more done around the house today- mostly just dishes and laundry and more getting financial stuff up to date (I was way behind on that, too). I also vacuumed! Vacuuming is my least favorite chore because the vacuum Peyton insisted on buying weighs six tons and I hate it. He always forgets though, so our house only gets vacuumed every few weeks. When the kitties come in (they still come in for "visits" some) they just pick at the carpet and it's so old and yuck I think us just walking on it tears it up, too. I will be so excited when we get our wood floors! Anyway, it wouldn't be such a big deal but Annie puts the pieces of carpet in her mouth and it makes me nervous she is going to choke. So, I've been just trying to keep her on a big blanket or in her Saucer or just watch her really close. Well, today I decided not only is that unfair to her but it was stressing me out to try to "contain" her like that. So, I just vacuumed myself! And, while I was at it, I got on a big kick and really vacuumed under the cushions on the couch and used the suction tools on the baseboards. I only did the den, but it made me feel SO good!

Once Peyton got home, we went over to my parents' for Red Beans and Rice, since we missed it Friday!

I think next week is going to be pretty relaxed, too and it's Peyton's week to work the early shift, which I like. I'm also super excited about a big semi-annual consignment sale on Wednesday and a girls' night one evening with Ashley and Carrie. Also, Saturday night, we are having the Suppers of 8 group from our church for dinner. It will be the first thing even remotely close to a dinner party that I've ever done and I'm a little nervous! Anyway, I think it will be such a fun week coming up!

We sang this hymn in church today and I was not familiar with it, but I love the words- perfect for the this Sunday and this season as we begin the road to the cross.

"Lord, Who Throughout These Forty Days"

Lord, Who throughout these forty days
For us didst fast and pray,
Teach us with Thee to mourn our sins
And close by Thee to stay.

As Thou with Satan didst contend,
And didst the victory win,
O give us strength in Thee to fight,
In Thee to conquer sin.

As Thou didst hunger bear, and thirst,
So teach us, gracious Lord,
To die to self, and chiefly live
By Thy most holy Word.

Abide with us, that so, this life
Of suffering over past,
An Easter of unending joy
We may attain at last.


Anonymous said...

Where is the consignment sale?

The Niemeyer Nest said...

It's interesting to me to hear what others give up for Lent. I am giving up Facebook. Evie is giving up breastmilk too. HA!

J. Henry said...

I'm still laughing over the weiner comment!!

I want to know where that consignment sale is too! Is it kids consignment?

Sarah Denley said...

It is kids consignment! It's called "Kids Emporium" and it's in Maywood Mart. It got some great loot last time!

Carrie said...

Aww, you're weaning Ann Peyton! She's such a big girl! I can't wait to talk about how that goes. I'm praying that it's a really easy transition for you.