Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekly Happenings Post #50 (February 22-28)-- Dinner Parties and Such

This week was great, pretty busy, but definitely a good week overall.

Monday was pretty blah. I got one of those terrible headaches I get. I really like to attribute them to sinuses, but I decided Monday a lot of it was my caffeine addiction. Trying to make it on one coke was proving to be not easy. And, I know it's tradition not to talk about you Lenten sacrifices, but I fill like it's fine to fill y'all in occasionally as long as it's not a "whoa is me" kind of thing. I told Peyton and he said "Wow, that must have been hard to admit"; it was because I know he's going to keep on me about it now. Anyway, I didn't get a whole lot done. I made chicken spaghetti for supper and I really cleaned the fridge (like spent about an hour taking out shelves and washing them and stuff).

On Tuesday, I went to Mother's Morning Out, but Ann Peyton stayed home because she had a little cold and it was Peyton's day off (plus two of the regular workers were out, so we had two subs). When we got home I did laundry and worked on the finances. I also put our "winter china" in storage-- it has snowmen on it, so we use it after Christmas, but I'm ready for Spring, so I decided it was time to put it up.

Wednesday was a really busy day! Peyton's mom kept Annie so I could go to a consignment sale (post to come soon). I met Ashley and Carrie there and we were true to our usual strategy of grabbing anything remotely cute and then helping each other decide on what to actually get. It was so much fun and I spent a reasonable amount. I also told my friends Morgan and Haley about the sale, so they were there, too. Morgan asked me if I wanted to go to lunch and I called Peyton's mom to see if she could stay a little longer with Annie. When we got to lunch Morgan told me that it was her birthday, so we had a good time celebrating at Julep. I went by the hardware store to get a plate hanger and then headed home. AP was just waking up from her nap and we played a little and then my mom came over to help us hang some stuff. I baked cookies for the Bible study that I'm in- they were supposed to be "2's" and "8's" for Morgan's twenty eighth birthday, but they were completely unidentifiable, haha, so embarrassing! Wednesday night, I attended said Bible study (for the first time in weeks).

We had MMO again on Thursday and Ann Peyton got to go this time! My mom came over again to help with some stuff around the house (we were trying to get ready for our Suppers of Eight group on Saturday). Peyton ordered our sushi for us and I went to bed early.

On Friday, Ashley sent me a text asking if I could keep Evy so she could go to the doctor. Ashley hardly ever asks for help with anything, so I knew it must be serious (it was Strep). Sidenote: I could never appreciate enough that I have a fabulous mom and mother in law who both live in town and practically beg me to let them keep my baby. Anyway, Evy was a doll and Annie slept most of the time so we just played and had a good time watching The View. I am going to miss little Evs so much when the Lancasters move in a few months!

We had been planning on having a girls' night, but since Ash was sick Carrie and I just decided to wait. It worked out best anyway since Cookie and her BF, Conrad, were home. So, we went to my parents' house for Red Beans and Rice. My parents' friends, Lynn and Charles, stopped by and as we were leaving Ann Peyton very clearly said "bye" and waved simultaneously. I could not beleive it- her first word! Wow!

Peyton stayed home and worked so hard getting stuff ready for Saturday. He painted our front door, planted flowers by the mail box and was spreading pine straw at 10:00 Friday night. He went to bed so late; what a great help hubbykins is!

Saturday, I ended up taking Ann Peyton to the after hours pediatric clinic, because she had a hard night on Friday and woke up a bunch and I could tell something was wrong. She had an ear infection, of course! I went by Peyton's store to get her medicine filled and dropped by my parents' house and saw Cookie for about ten minutes while they filled it and Annie drank her bottle.

After that, I straightened and cleaned and cooked all day to get ready for our Suppers of Eight group (it's a like a supper club group from church- they assign you to a group with people you probably don't know so you can get to know people of different ages and backgrounds at church). Fortunately, I had gotten a lot done earlier in the week so I just had to straighten up a bit, dust, mop the kitchen and clean bathrooms. I even got a little nap while AP took hers!

For supper, I made brisket, rolls, and brownies and two of the other couples brought sides (asparagus and corn casserole). One couple couldn't make it, so we ended up being able to all sit at one table (we were going to put four at the dinning room table and four in the kitchen). I have never folded out the dinning room table leaves at our house (my parents kept it unfolded at our old house), but it worked really well!
Our dining room table folded up

With the leaves unfolded

[The back of our living room, behind the couch, serves as our "dining room" since we don't have one in this house. It has our china cabinet, two of our four red leather chairs, and our table, in it's folded up state, in it. I thought it was a great idea of my mom's, because when we have company, we can just unfold it like we did!]

The whole thing turned out fun and I think Annie enjoyed hanging out with Mickey, Minnie, Cookie and Conrad!

Today (Sunday) was just what I needed- a relaxing day. Peyton went to the early service and I went to the late one so we didn't have to take our little sickie to the nursery (even though Peyton says ear infections aren't contagious and she didn't have fever, I wanted to play it safe). I took a nap after lunch and then we went and visited both our parents. We ordered pizza at my parents' house and had a nice relaxing night!

**** I'm sure this post has a plethora of spelling/grammatical mistakes, but I just have to go to bed now. Over it.


Christy said...

I never worry about grammar on my is probably very evident! HA!

The supper club sounds like so much fun!

Carrie said...

We used to do that same supper club at our church. We called it Dinner's 8. I was never brave enough to sign up to HOST it though! Good for you!

Rachel said...

your table setting is so cute! and I love the leather chairs! cooking for that many people would totally stress me out but it sounds like you did a GREAT job!