Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Where the Heart Is

I talk to my mom at least once a day. When my phone rings and she (or much more infrequently my dad) is calling from their home phone it says "Home calling".

The other day it occurred to me that I needed to change that in my phone. What should I change it to? Parents? Momma and Daddy Home? Mickey and Minnie? "Mickey and Minnie" was the closest I got and then I decided not to.

Because as much as this house where Peyton and I have created our own life with our own little Annie is truly my home (something that happened relatively quickly, compared to the YEARS I thought it would take), there is a very big part of me that will always call my parents' house home, too.

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Mary Louis Quinn said...

I still have my parents' number as "home" in my phone, too! :)