Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Won't You Read to Me? Wednesday

So, I'm back to "classic" picture books from my childhood this week. And this week's selection is actually an all time favorite of one Peyton Herrington:

Where the Wild Things Are
by Maurice Sendak

I love this story of a little boy who is sent to bed without supper and creates a wild rumpus in own mind. The story is really basic, but the way the story is worded and the amazing illustrations really make it special. Pretty much, I already sumed up the plot of the entire book in the first sentence of this paragraph. Like I said, basic. But it is SO good.

I think one reason this book is a classic is that it appeals to both children and adults (unlike the movie, which in my opinion, is significantly more enjoyable to adults). Like I said, the story is very brief, but for really young children I think that that is a good thing. Plus, it allows you to use your own imagination about what else is going on in the story.

And that is really the book's whole appeal- the way it uses a child's imagination to create a fantastic "wild rumpus". I think imagination is so important and I love this book because it really captures that!

The drawings are really impressive and so different from most childrens' books. I think that Sendak's talent lies more in his artistic ability than his writing ability, though he is able to craft a great story.

I got a few comments about the Mr. Linky last week. If you click on the actual Mr. Linky icon and it opens the page to type in your link, look at the very top of that page--the other links should be there. I'll add my own as an example.


Christy said...

I messed up my link-my fault entirely. grrr...

I love this book and want to see the movie! However, my children have declared it scary and it gave Laura Grace nightmares. My kids are so weird sometimes. I am with you on the illustrations-they make the book wonderful!

Sarah Denley said...

Christy, I canceled your link. You can put a new one if you want.

The movie is not as good as the book, IMO. Peyton was super disappointed, too. It's just so adult and I always pictured the little boy as a tad ADD, but in the movie he seems to have some serious abandonment type issues. Anyway...

I'm going to answer your questions by tonight, but it may be late. Thanks for featuring me!

Tiffany said...

Sorry I'm so late in getting my linky up, but I did post! I liked this one when i was little too. I haven't introduced it to the children yet though. ~Blessings!